RAME General Managers Meeting was Held in Istanbul

RAME General Managers Meeting was held in Istanbul: International Railways Association (UIC) 16. Middle East Regional Council (RAME) General Managers Meeting was held in Istanbul.

International Railways Association (UIC) 16. Middle East Regional Council (RAME) General Managers Meeting was held in Istanbul hosted by TCDD. The General Manager of the Presidency is also the President of UIC - RAME Ömer Yıldız. UIC General Manager Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC RAME Coordinator Paul Veron, representatives of the RAME regional office in Tehran, Iran Railways (RAI), Saudi Arabia Railways (SRO), Jordan Hijaz Railways (JHR) and Jordan Aqaba Railways representatives attended the event.

General Manager Yıldız; Terrorist attacks in Paris; he said that all humanity should act in unity and solidarity and condemned the attacks in question. Stating that the number of participants in the UIC RAME General Managers meeting can be increased in terms of regional level, Yıldız said that the participation of the new member Oman Railways in the regional board was welcomed and he thanked the regional office of RAME for their efforts to ensure new participation.

In the meeting, Standardization, Interoperability and Adaptation Seminar held in Doha-Qatar within the scope of the UIC Middle East Regional Board's 2015 Action Plan, Infrastructure & Asset Management, ERTMS, SATLOC and Train Control Workshop held in Jordan; Eskisehir - held were given detailed information on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training in Turkey.

The activities of the RAME regional office were planned for the 2013-2020 period, which was updated by the RAME railway map and one of the priority tasks of the regional office, and the yönelik Regional Vision for the Development of Middle-Eastern Railways, was updated for the 2016-2017 period. In addition to the activities;

    1. UIC RAME Railway / Oil & Railway / Ports Conference in May 2016 in Tehran,
  • National authorities, international organizations, financial institutions, potential investors and stakeholders participated in the UIC RAME Railway Business Forum in October 2016, Istanbul,
  • It was decided to organize the New Iron Silk Road Conference with the participation of UIC Asia and Middle - East regions.

UIC RAME Presidency ended with the expiration of the term of the meeting and it was decided that Ömer Yıldız will continue to RAME Presidency in the next two years due to its successful management.

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