I thought the railway was a highway

He thought the highway Railway: One of Turkey's most busiest railway lines and everyone was surprised by the events that took place in the river that connects the village to one of the three regions. A driver drove his car on the railway.

When Tuğrul D. was surprised by the vehicle in his administration, he tried to continue to Ankara via the railway line. 300 meter road leading vehicle, stayed in the bridge vent. Tuğrul D. and Recep T. 's statements, which were rescued by the railway and gendarmerie teams after the incident which astonished the people, were as interesting as they did.

The drivers said, “We did not realize that there was a railway. We thought it was a road, but when the road was over, we realized we were going through the railway ”. Stating that there was a disaster due to the railway line being under maintenance, the railway officials said, "The train passes through this line almost every 5 minutes, if the road was not under maintenance, it could have caused an accident".

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