Pink Metrobus project should be realized

The Pink Metrobus project should be realized: One of the most important problems in Istanbul, which is shown as one of the largest metropolises in the world with a population of more than 14 million, is the crowded public transportation vehicles. The congestion in the metro and metrobus seriously disturbs women, especially. Against the increasing harassment in public transport, the pink BRT project will relieve the public a little.

In Istanbul, one of the largest metropolises in the world, the ordeal of public transportation is endless. One of the issues that everybody with Islamic and humanitarian sensitivity complains about is the privacy problem that occurs in public transportation. Congestion, which is a great distress for men or women, often tires the public. The 'pink metrobus' request, which only women can ride, comes up from time to time, petition campaigns are organized and requests are made to Istanbul Municipality to work on this issue. But unfortunately, no steps have been taken at this point so far. This demand, which was voiced after Özgecan Aslan's murder, has been criticized by some groups. However, if we examine what is aimed with the "pink metrobus", it will be seen that it will be beneficial not only for women but also for men.


Recently, Young Officer You started a 'Pink Metrobus' campaign. Public support for the practice, which can only be ridden by women and which brings positive discrimination to women, is great, but there is no such voice from the authorities. Making a statement to our newspaper Doğruhaber about the project, Young Officer-Sen Istanbul Provincial Head Mustafa Yılmaz; 'This project was previously brought up by the Saadet Party. In a metropolitan city like Istanbul, people have to use public transportation. There is a serious intensity especially in the morning and evening hours. Those who use the metrobus in Istanbul know well that there is neither privacy nor peace. It is such a congestion, piling up on top of each other that it is not only a discomfort for women but also for men. ''


Expressing that they wrote their Pink Metrobus project demands to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Yılmaz said, “We made a request for them to find a solution to this problem. We shared this on social media. But the number of those who pull this to different sides in terms of ideology is not few. There is an unfair criticism that you are marginalizing women. This is an Islamic project as well as a very humanitarian project. Because Islam always puts people in the center. Especially ladies who are sensitive to Islam are exposed to different situations. For this, we want a pink metrobus and a normal metrobus. ' he stated. Public transport, where people take for a fee, is available for service to the public. "If people encounter immoral and inhumane situations when they get on public transportation, it is not service, it is torture."


Underlining that the project, which will bring a positive discrimination to women, should be carried out as soon as possible, Yılmaz said, “Women who want to use the pink metrobus, and those who want to get on the normal metrobus. We presented such a project to be the voice of the public conscience. As Istanbul Young Memur-Sen, we received support from all platforms, journalists and sensitive citizens for the realization of the project. We will try to do our best for this' he said.

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