First signature in Pan-Asian Railway Network

The first signatory was signed on the Pan-Asian Railway Network: The first phase of the 5-kilometer-long railway network from China to Singapore will be between Kunming and Bangkok.

With the agreement signed between China and Thailand, the first step was taken in the “Pan-Asian Railway Network” project, where Bangkok will become the center.

According to the report of the Bangkok Post, it is stated that the capital of Thailand will play an important role in the railway project that will connect the western and southern provinces of China to the capitals of Southeast Asian countries.

The "Pan-Asian Railway Network" project, brought up by China, has received support from the governments of countries affiliated to ASEAN.

The railway project, which will connect modern cities on the coastline and south of China to the capitals of ASEAN, is also considered an important step in developing regional collaborations.

In the giant project, the first stage between Kunming and Bangkok will be two lanes and a total of 845 kilometers. This line will then reach Singapore via Laos, Thailand, Malaysia.

According to the agreement, Wutthichart Kalayanamitr, Thailand Railways Manager, said that Thailand will undertake rough construction and electrical works, while China will undertake works such as tunnel excavation, rail systems and engineering.

The first phase of the Pan-Asian Railway Network, which will connect China to Singapore, will be a total of 4 kilometers. Then, with the addition of Vietnam and Myanmar to the network, the railway will reach a total of 760 kilometers.

The construction phase of the project is expected to start in May 2016.

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