Palandöken Alpine Skiing Cup was held

Palandöken Alpine Ski Cup was held: Turkey organized by the International Ski Federation 22. It was held in Erzurum Palandöken Alpine Ski Cup races. Federation President Yarar; “Our lath will continue to rise until we get the 2026 Olympics,” he said.

Alpine skiing in Palandöken Ski slalom races, as well as Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine and the participation of 58 athletes from India.

Eman Emric from Bosnia and Herzegovina for men and Maria Kırkova from Bulgaria for the first place at the end of the two-day races, which were the scene of a fierce struggle.

Medals were awarded to the athletes who won the first place in the races in which the Turkish athletes Emre Şimşek and Serdar Deniz and Özlem Çarıkçıoğlu won the third place.

Turkey Ski Federation President Mehmet Erol Benefits, in his speech at the medal ceremony, said that they were proud to complete more successfully in a contest.

Thanking the athletes who participated in the organization, Yarar said, “(We will always raise the bar a little higher). Our bar will continue to rise until we get the 2026 Olympics. We see that our children received medals here. Hopefully, we want to see them on the olympic chair. Therefore, we will work intensively with the trainers, young people and families. ”

- Ranking

The results are as follows:

1. Day (Men)

1- Eman Emric (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

2- Jan Jakubco (Slovakia)

Lightning 3- Emre (Turkey)

1. Day (Women)

1- Maria Kırkova (Bulgaria)

2- Jade Mattazi (France)

3- craving Çarıkçıoğl (Turkey)

2. Day (Men)

1- Eman Emric (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

2- Benjamin Szollos (Hungary)

3- Serdar Deniz (Turkey)

2. Day (Women)

1- Maria Kırkova (Bulgaria)

2- Kseniya Grigoreva (Uzbekistan)

3- Jade Mattazi (France)