Olympos Ropeway 2015 214 transported 426 in XNUMX

olympos ropeway 200 thousand people moved to the peak
olympos ropeway 200 thousand people moved to the peak

Olympos Teleferik 2015 214 in the year 426 person transported: Olympos Teleferik stretching from the sea to the sky in the sky and Tahtali Mountain 2 thousand 365 meters of the number of visitors to the summit of 2015 214 426 last year despite the crisis reached the number of people XNUMX thousand XNUMX.

The summit of Tahtali Mountain, 2 365 meters, which is visited by local and foreign tourists from all over Antalya, is competing with Olympos and Phaselis ruins in the region. 11 189 paid 806 and 180 people with museum cards and Phaselis were visited by 790 bin 214. 426 bin XNUMX people visited the summit of Tahtali Mountain during the same period.

Tahtalı Mountain, which contributed greatly to the promotion of the region, Olympos ropeway, which started its activities in 2007, has a bird's eye view in the summer months. Turkey's only international Hard Enduro motorcycle racing with Red Bull Sea To Sky also hosts Tahtali Mountain on the 'Down Olympos Soda Bike Brawl', 'Wood Pigeon Run to the Sky' as the cycling and running competitions bungy catapult and paragliding can be made .


Olympos Teleferik Advertising, Media and Public Relations Manager Fatih Koyuncu, the number of visitors this year, said they had achieved their goals. Despite the crisis, the 214 emphasizes that they carry a thousand people to the summit, and they are hopeful of the next year. Koyuncu stated that they expect an increase in the number of visitors with the first snow of the year and said bek Last year we hosted a thousand people. This year again, despite the crisis around 213 people with the top of the cable car moved. We are not giving up our hopes about the crisis in the coming year, and frankly, we will try to catch the number we have achieved this year. This year, the Arab market was a huge benefit to our business. As you can see, 214 was a very intense local guest visit on Sunday to the peak that snowed days ago. With this snow, we are expecting our local market very intensely during the winter.

At the same time, the European market is currently heavily accommodated in the Mediterranean region and we are welcoming them from time to time. The figures we aim for next year are around 213 thousand people. We hope we reach more people. We are trying to find alternative markets in the 4-5 monthly tranche, including the European market, the Arab market and, of course, our indigenous guests. During the summer season, our local guests prefer the ropeway especially on weekends. During the winter, we also organize campaigns for our local guests. In terms of price, it is both reasonable and we try to give all of our guests a view of snow, sun, sea and nature. In the past 2015 season we hosted mainly Russian guests. 80 is around 15, 5 is around XNUMX and XNUMX has European and domestic guests.

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