There is no such railway (Photo Gallery)

There is no such train: In Switzerland, which is surrounded by iron nets around, the train is the most preferred means of transportation in the public. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people go to their jobs and their homes by train.

Almost all of the many mountains and hills in Switzerland can be reached by traction train or cable car system.

Mount Pilatus Train Line: It was once impossible to take the train to the summit of Mount Pilatus in Switzerland. However, with the train system established as a result of an engineering wonder, an exciting journey has been made to the mountain for 125 years.

The Pilatus line is the steepest railway in the world, yet everything is completed in 400 business days. The narrow-line train can exceed 48 percent trends and reach a height difference of 600 meters in half an hour.

Before the Pilatos train, there was a hotel where 3 thousand customers arrived at the summit and the number of customers was to be increased. The engineers wanted to build a railroad by bravely, and they signed a new system.

Designed a rotating gear rail with two horizontal sprockets. A round disc was mounted underneath the wheels so that the wheels did not break up. The construction process was quite challenging. Tens of weight materials were moved upwards and tunnels were dug.

The steam train was launched in 1889, and the customers of the hotel at the top of the mountain increased the floor by 10, the train in 1937 was electrically equipped. to be able to withstand the difference.

Jungfraujoch Railway: Jungfrau, located in Interlaken, one of the most beautiful cities of Switzerland, fascinates those who see the railway.Jungfrau is the second place in the world where Peru is the highest train station. It is possible to climb from the separate branch. Jungfrau railway gains an altitude of 7,5 meters in the 500 km tunnel.

In 1896, a wealthy Zurich businessman came to this region on vacation. He is impressed by the beauty he sees and decides to do something for everyone to see this view. When he returned to Zurich the next day, he met with business people and found funding for the Jungfrau Railway project.

It predicts that the project will be completed in 1,5 years and will require 1,5 million francs. The project is completed in 16 years and 15 million francs are spent. During the construction of the 7,5 kilometer tunnel, dozens of people lose their lives due to the difficulty of working conditions (cold, humidity and darkness) and the railway is completed in 1912.

It is obvious that Jungfraujoch (5 m), the highest train station in Europe, which is visited by an average of 3454 people a day, is a unique engineering product.

Albula and Bernina Railway Line: The Rhaetian Railway Line, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008, connects 2 railway tracks that cross the Albula and Bernina regions, crossing the Swiss Alps. and consists of 1904 tunnels and 67 viaducts.

On the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these lines were said about it. The Rhaetian Railway, which crosses the Albula and Bernina districts, represents a marvelous technical, architectural and environmental balance, while representing the great civilization of civil engineering and architecture.

Landwasser Viaduct Switzerland: Traveling in Switzerland, which is mountainous and difficult, was very difficult. To overcome all this, bold designs had to be made. The Swiss Landwasser viaduct built in 1902 is one of the most famous railways in the world and is also seen in the tourist promotions of Switzerland.

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