Bahçeşehir-Ispartakule Metro prices will fly

Bahçeşehir-Ispartakule Metro will fly prices: Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt will be combined with Mecidiyeköy metro project. It is foreseen that the house prices, which are already on the rise, will peak until the end of the metro line.

Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt are experiencing metro excitement in the last few years with a large traffic density with new housing investments. The Bahçeşehir-Ispartakule line plan to be connected to the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In these two regions of Istanbul, which are in difficulty in transportation, it is foreseen that housing prices will jump up along with the subway.

Metro line is a lottery for landlords in the region. On the other hand, investors have increased interest in Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt. According to the Real Estate Index, the average square meter price in Bahçeşehir is at the average of 3.679 TL as of November. In November, the average price in the region was 2.326 TL two years ago. In Ispartakule, the average square meter 2013 TL in the same period of 2.500 reached TL 3.392. The average price in Esenyurt, which is currently a bit low compared to Istanbul average, has increased from 1.217 to 1.792 in two years. In the Esenkent neighborhood, which is planned to be the last stop of the metro line, the average price of 1.852 TL two years ago reached TL 2.782.

The metro line, which will be implemented with a total investment of 2 billion 211 million 600 thousand TL, is planned to be put into service in 2019. Mahmutbey Bahçeşehir Esenyurt metro line, which is planned as 16,4 kilometers, consists of 9 stations. The metro line, which operates on the European side and connects the metro lines planned to be built, starts from Mahmutbey station and continues in the east-west direction and ends in the Esenkent District, north of the TEM highway. Mahmutbey station, which is the first station of the subway, is located in Kirazlı-Başakşehir-Olympic and Kabataş-Mahmutbey provides integration with rail system lines. Once the metro line is completed, the journey time between Mahmutbey Esenyurt will decrease to 40 minutes.

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