Encouragement of Public Transportation and TRANSIST Special Awards

Incentive and TRANSIST Special Awards were presented to the public. İzzet Yıldızhan, who recently appeared on Metrobüs, was among the most talked about in social media. Incentive Award for Public Access. He took it from Hayri Baraçlı.

In the context of Public Transport Week activities organized by IETT under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to increase public interest in public transport, TRANSIST 8. Award Ceremony took place on the last day of the International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı and IETT General Manager Mümin Kahveci attended the ceremony. This year's '7 Project Competition in different categories' crowned with the TRANSIST 2015 '4P in Public Transportation' theme with buses, subway, tram, metrobus and ferry vehicles, such as the stunning moments of public transport vehicles in the same frame of photos and short films held at a ceremony held with the owners of the awards. During the ceremony, Incentive for Transit and Transist Special awards were presented with colorful names. Incentive Awards for Public Access are; İzzet Yıldızhan, who was among the most talked about in social media by appearing on Metrobüs recently, was the only woman bus driver of Istanbul, Şengül Tunç and businessman Abdurrahim Albayrak. Transist Special Awards are; Famous theaterman Zihni Göktay, heart attack passenger who is hospitalized to the hospital bus driver Murat Evin, Hulusi Ali Konuk from the series of sexes, the transportation department of Istanbul Technical University due to the work and contributions of the Coordinator. Dr. Zübeyde Öztürk and sports announcer were presented to Orhan Ayhan.

İzzet Yıldızhan stated that he preferred to go public transportation by getting out of his vehicle repeatedly when he needed to grow up and said ulaşım I would like to thank you for this award. I've been going to a meeting many times, getting out of the car and getting on public transport. But this time we got caught. That reputation is riding on public transportation in Turkey drew attention to a person at a time. Public transport sounds like blessing to me in some times. I was catching up with a very important meeting, and I was late. So I rode and went. I think everyone in Istanbul should use public transport. Let's say you're going to cross the street. I crossed 13 every minute. My home is in Bahçeşehir, my office is in Levent. For this reason, I know how to get off my car halfway through the public transportation. Bu

Abdurrahim Albayrak stated that the point reached today can not be imagined 20 year ago. God bless them all. The environment, which was already in a dump, is now a flower garden. Recently I rode from Beylikdüzü and traveled very nicely until I went to Zincirlikuyu Geçen.

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