Marmaray Safety Management System Training was Held in Japan

Marmaray Safety Management System Training was Held in Japan: Safety Management System training was given to staff working in Marmaray in cooperation with JICA and TCDD 1st Regional Directorate.

JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and TCDD 1. In cooperation with the Regional Directorate of 01-04 December 2015 in Japan, Tokyo and Yokahama cities in training, the personnel of the 15 Marmaray personnel on the transportation of the safety management system was given a variety of trainings were given and staff visited the field visits.

Training and TCDD personnel were able to see the work in Japan and develop different perspectives on railways. During the training, TCDD personnel visited institutions such as Japan Land, Infrastructure, Ministry of Transport and Tourism, Tokyo Metro, Yokohama Metro and saw the work done on site.

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