Unused metrobuses still spend

Expenditure on unused metrobuses is still being made: It was revealed that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality opened a spare part tender for the Phileas brand BRTs from the Netherlands.

Phileas are no longer in use due to alleged slope and difficulty in acceleration, problems in suspension system and unable to provide expected road holding

Phileas brand BRTs, which were taken from the Netherlands but were scrapped in two years due to the problems they had caused, withdrew from use. 50 pieces of 35 units purchased by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in the second year (2008) was removed from the expedition. One of the last survivors was 24 parked in the garage on the day of March in Şirinevler. However, IMM continued to open tenders for unused Phileas brand buses.

The guarantee of the metrobus still taken with the tender but the parts still underway, expressing that the parliament still has the right to vote. Sağlam's proposal, yedek Phlieas brand vehicles are not serviced, but these tools are made to tender for spare parts and materials are known. This situation leads to serious waste. Bu Sağlam said, yıl What is the amount of service purchased with spare parts taken from years to years in the Phlieas brand (between 2009-2015)? “He asked.

50 pieces imported from the Netherlands, the 35 bus, the second year of the delivery of the XNUMX bus was removed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. According to allegations, the slope of the slope and the acceleration of the suspension system, the suspension of the problem and the road can not give the expected Phileas'lar lines, cheaper than the Mercedes bus bought from the bus itself.

The first party 2007 was purchased in September and delivered to IETT. Metrobuses coming to 1.3 million euros were occasionally coming to the stage when the vehicle was not enough. The most recent 24 March in Şirinevler after taking passengers from the stop in the direction of Avcılar metrobus hours of flashing had become unusable.

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