The goal of skiing on skiing was Olympic

Omar Ayçiçek, who changed his life due to his skiing facility built in the villages of Van, reached the national team and achieved success in many competitions.

The ski resort, which was established in the Abalı district of Gevaş, was established many years ago.

Children who started to spend their free time at the ski resort in the village tried to do this fun sport with the cornice they provided from the house without the facilities to buy ski equipment.

Omer Ayçiçek's determination, following the athletes training in the ski resort with the arch of his foot and trying to achieve what they do, attracted the attention of National Ski Trainer Halil Korkmaz.

Korkmaz, to realize that he was able to transfer the Moonlight professional team taught him.

Korkmaz told AA correspondent that Omar came to the training place every day and asked him for ski equipment but he had to refuse this request since he was not included in the team.

U Sunflower followed us with a cornice on his feet. I've noticed you're persistently continuing to slip. Taking him with us, we have given a pair of ski teams. “Ömer said,” In 2013, he was selected for the national team. Today, he represents our country with great success. We have many children like Ömer in the team. Our 55 athlete is training here X.

- was the champion of Turkey

Sunflower Omar, entered in the competition with 2013 Ski Running was the champion of Turkey in the industry.

Ömer said that his life has changed due to the ski that he started in Van 8 years ago.

Um When I was little, I didn't know my parents and broke down the corbels in the house and moved to the facility. My teacher saw me. Then I joined the training sessions and got my first ski teams. Then I got good grades under tough conditions. Turkey championship several times, I had the fifth Balkans and I participated in the world championships last year. Here is 29. became. Now I'm preparing for the Olympics in 2018. I'm looking for a candidate right now. We will be competing in different countries in the near future. I'll try to get degrees from there. Or

When he tried to ski with his first ski suit, he stated that he had fallen into the snow mass. There were problems with the cornice at home. Sometimes I couldn't go home scared but when it came to success in competitions, it started to support my family. They said, 'You can break the cornices, make you a sacrifice.' Many children in the village like me, continues to slide with cornices Benim.

Baba Kıyasettin Ayçiçek stated that he was proud of his son's success and said duy We want Ömer to come to better places. I hope that our society and its success will always continue for our country. As a father, I would very much like to continue the success of Ömer. I am proud of my son. Oğ

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