Bay Bridge Bird View

Bay Bridge Bird View Looked Like: While the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway was making new progress on the day last day, the bird's eye view of the Gulf Crossing Bridge was seen.

Istanbul-Izmir Motorway has been making new progress every day, the work of the Bay Bridge came to the last stage. In the photograph recorded from the sky, the bridge resembles a necklace.

Bursa-Istanbul highway in the year of 2016 is expected to enter into service, the journalist Kenan Sertalp journalist Kenan Sertalp viewed the bridge bridge. In the bird's eye view, the necklace of the bridge was attached and the floors began to be laid.

Especially for the ferry experienced in the resorts return to the ferry will make an extra mile of waiting or land 100 mileage. 433 part of the project with a total length of 50 is completed. When the project ends, Istanbul-Izmir will be less than 3 hours. 650 million dollars a year is also planned to provide savings.

For those who want to go to Izmir using the whole of the motorway and departing from Istanbul, the fee is in fact determined as 35 in the contract. However, from Istanbul to Bursa, Manisa, Balıkesir, how long will be expected by the citizens.

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