Konya-Tram Road Flying Car in the Can Bazaar

Konya-Tram Street Flying Car in the Can Market: Konya drive out of control and trapped in the car, the driver was rescued by firefighters.

In Konya, the driver was trapped by the fire brigade.

Accident, the clock in the center of the 23.45 Selcuklu district on the New Istanbul Road across the police house occurred. Allegedly led by Soner Poyraz 42 887 50 plate cars due to excessive speed to fly out of control by tram. Approximately XNUMX meters on the rails of the car drifting Mehmet Karakoç accident with a slight abrasions while driving the driver Poyraz stuck in the vehicle. On notice, police, fire department and health teams were referred to the scene. Soner Poyraz firefighting teams as a result of the long-time rotating car was removed. Mehmet Karakoç, who could not take the shock of the accident, kissed Poyraz, who came out of the car, right on the forehead. Soner Poyraz Selcuklu Medical Faculty Hospital was taken to the ambulance was treated. Poyraz 's life danger is not specified. Due to the accident for a while, the tram back to normal. The investigation into the accident is under way.

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