Kocaeli Metropolitan authorities examined the factory to produce Akçaray

Kocaeli Metropolitan authorities examined the factory in which Akçaray will be produced: The works of the tram project, the first of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's light rail system projects, continue uninterruptedly.
On the one hand, the rails to be used on the route are being manufactured, while Akçaray's vehicle production process continues. Mustafa Altay, Head of Transportation Department and the delegation accompanying him, Durmazlarmade a review of the factory in Bursa.

Head of department Altay and technical team, which will produce Akçaray'ın vehicles Durmazlar Machinery Industry and Trade. A.Ş.'s factory in Bursa. The metropolitan delegation examined the Bursa LRV vehicles and Bursa tram vehicles, which are in production at the factory. As for Akçaray vehicles, opinions were exchanged on industrial design and a consensus was reached on the concept. After the final analysis and design approval, production of the first vehicle will be started and delivered in October of 2016.

The tender for the production of 12 vehicles of Akçaray, which will be the starting point of the rail system period in Kocaeli, is 19 million 740 thousand Euros with a price of 100 thousand Euros. Durmazlar Machinery Industry and Trade. Inc. kazanhad been. Recently, he met with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu. Durmazlar Machinery Industry and Trade. Inc. Vice Chairman Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik signed a contract.

For the tram project financed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with its own resources, the bus terminal between the bus station and Sekapark-Yahya Kaptan, District Governor-N. Kemal Lisesi-East Barracks, Governorate, Fair, Yeni Cuma-Fevziye Mosque-Gar-Sekapark route was determined.

Akçaray will start passenger transportation in 2017 after the works. There will be a two-way, 7,2-kilometer, 11 station on the tramway between Sekapark-Otogar; The people of Kocaeli were given the name Akçaray by the votes they gave over the internet and the color of the people was determined as turquoise.

The length of the vehicles to be produced was designed as 32 meter width 2,65 meter and height 3,30 meter. 100 will be able to move in two-way and 70 will be produced at 20. Between the Sekapark-Otogar, the 6 minute voyage in the opening year, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to carry a thousand people a day.

For maximum mobility in the city, 5 passenger trolleys with 300 modules will be equipped with 4 double and 2 single doors. Akçaray; comfort, aesthetics and environmental sensitivity to serve the people of Kocaeli.

Bidding kazanFrom the signing of the contract, the contractor company is requested to deliver a total of 12 tram vehicles, including 1 vehicle after 14 months, 2 vehicles after 15 months, 3 vehicles after 16 months, 3 vehicles after 17 months and 3 vehicles after 12 months.

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