24 Passenger Buses Start Service in Kayseri

24 Passenger Buses Entered Service in Kayseri: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality received 50 of the 24 buses it ordered in the first place.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality received 50 of the 24 buses it ordered in the first place. AK Party Vice President and Kayseri Deputy Mehmet Özhaseki, Governor Orhan Düzgün, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik, AK Party Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Cahit Özden, district mayors and many citizens attended the handover ceremony held in Cumhuriyet Square.

President Çelik started his speech at the ceremony with the wish of the buses to be used without any accident. Giving information about the current transportation vehicles and the number of passengers in Kayseri, Çelik said, “Currently our Metropolitan Municipality has 233 buses; 390 public buses and 68 rail system vehicles are in service. We transport 125 million people annually with these vehicles, which is 340 thousand people a day. Our goal is to maximize the level of quality service and to be an example for all of Turkey. We are still an example, because Kayseri is the only city that does not have a minibus in the city. " said.


Stating that they will switch to the "smart stop" system, President Çelik said, "It will be possible to learn when the bus will arrive at the bus stops as in the rail system stops. Smart stop technology will also be installed on mobile phones and it will be seen from the phone how many minutes the bus will arrive. In addition, new line works related to the rail system continue. We are close to the end of the project work of the line that will go from the Anayurt and the Terminal to Nuh Naci Yazgan University. By the way, 30 rail system vehicles purchased by our municipality will start arriving as of January. " he spoke.


AK Party Deputy Chairman Özhaseki said that the people of Kayseri witnessed the efforts of the municipalities. Stating that the efforts and projects of the municipalities are the basic dynamics of development in the province, Özhaseki said, "The municipalities also contribute to the peace of Kayseri." said. Emphasizing that they follow all projects related to Kayseri closely, Özhaseki wished that the new buses will be used without any accident.

Governor Düzgün drew attention to the expectations of the people. Stating that comfort is also expected from the buses that were only wanted to provide transportation in the past, “The buses that will provide healthy and comfortable transportation are put into service, which our Metropolitan Municipality has bought. I wish these buses to be beneficial. " He spoke in the form.

Then, a model of the buses and the key of the 24-vehicle fleet were handed over to the deputies Özhaseki, Governor Düzgün and President Çelik.

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