Kayseri Talas Homeland Zone Rail Line Construction tender 2016 year Investment program

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Talas Anayurt Region Rail Line Project Construction tender was included in 2016 Investment Program

New developments have been made regarding the tender of. Rail System Line Construction to Talas Homeland Area in addition to the existing railway system line yeni which will be realized by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information; The construction tender was included in the 2016 Investment Program. The project cost will be 2.000.000 TL.
The route works will continue and the projects of the line will be approximately 6 km.
The specifications can be obtained from the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality (Tel: 0352 222 89 60) after the announcement of the announcement.
Reference: Investments 1232 / 11 May 2016

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