Kastamonu ropeway project received the principle approval

📩 24/11/2018 14:33

Kastamonu cable car project has received the approval of the principle: Kastamonu Municipality's cultural heritage of the projects prepared to bring the city of Monuments Board was approved by the principle.

Mayor Tahsin Babaş, one of the projects promised before 30 March 2014 Local Administration elections. Kastamonu Municipality, which has the idea of ​​preserving the cultural assets of Kastamonu and transferring it to future generations and contributing to the knowledge of humanity, has presented the projects prepared in this context in the past months for the approval of the Monuments Board. Hence, 10 visited the Kastamonu on Thursday and the teachers and reporters of Ankara 1 Cultural Property Protection Board examined the projects on site. Head of the Conservation of Cultural Assets 1 Chairman Assoc. Dr. Board of Directors of Beşir Fatih Doğan and Regional Director for the Protection of Cultural Assets 1 Yusuf Kıraç; Within the scope of the 10 Phase Stage Rehabilitation and Improvement Project, which was completed within a short period of time, such as 2 months, Kefeli Street, Atabey Street and Ibn-i Neccar Streets and Teleferik Project and Nasrullah Square Landscaping Projects were examined on the land. On Thursday, he completed his investigations on the land, the teachers and teachers of the Monuments Board, on Friday in the Municipality Meeting Hall, the Mayor Tahsin made interviews with Father. After an evaluation meeting which lasted for about five hours, the board agreed with the legislation of all the projects submitted to them and gave the principle approval to the Teleferic Project and gave the final approval of 2's first stage street rehabilitation and Nasrullah Square Project.


Babaş, who made statements after the long meetings held on Friday in the Municipal Meeting Hall; Ân Kastamonu is a historical and cultural venue. We've been working on it for years. What is important is the preservation of this culture and its transfer to future generations. the highest authority in Turkey in this regard is also Monuments Board. They came to our city to study our projects. They said their ideas on projects in serious sense. We carry out our projects in accordance with the legislation of the board. Kastamonu really needs these projects. Especially in the region we call han part; Nasrullah Square, Ashir Efendi Hani, Kurşunlu Han, Butchers Hali, Bakırcılar Çarşısı. We have work on all of these. Our projects came to the end. Today the Bakircilar Bazaar is about to end. Istanbul Technical University continues to work on this issue. After they finish their projects, we will present them to the board and we will start working after getting approval dık.


One of the projects that the Board of Monuments came to inspect on site was the Teleferic Project, which was planned to be realized in Kastamonu and was considered as one of the most important projects in its region. Babas, who received the approval of the project from the Monuments Board, stated that they did not act hastily and meticulously work on this issue. Ele We are looking at how it affects the silhouette of the city, aş said Babas. . The work we do not need to disturb the historical and cultural texture, it must be in harmony. For this, we will develop a few more alternatives, and after viewing them in different ways, we will make a final decision by contacting our board again. The project in this region is a four-legged project, including Clock Tower, Cable Car, Seyrantepe and Kale. Bu


The 2 of the Street Rehabilitation and Facade Improvement Project, which is one of the works carried out by Kastamonu Municipality in order to reveal the historical fabric as a whole, was approved by the Monuments Board. Implementation of Conservation of Municipal Cultural Assets Project Control Unit (BeKup-d) in a short period of time by the 10 project and the restoration project drawn by the Istanbul Technical University and the Municipality of Kastamonu Bekup-d service prepared jointly with the service Babaş; Çalış We are currently working on Şeyh Şaban-ı Veli Street. The 1 stage is in the project phase. As the Municipality, we have designed the part from Sheikh Şaban-I Veli Street to Kefeli Street and the old town hall as 2 stage and submitted it for the approval of our organization. Investigations continue on this subject as well Bu. Within the scope of this project, which includes Kefeli Street, Atabey Street, Ibn-i Neccar Streets and total street length of 2 meters; 550 pieces of mosques, 3 pieces of masjid, 1 pieces of fountains, 3 pieces of baths, 1 units of heat schools and 1 pieces of tombs include 1 pieces of monumental buildings. The project also informs about the 10 stage of the project. In For the 3 stage, Bekup-d service of our municipality has started to work. This project is planned to be completed by the Board as of June, 3. Again this project; Şamlıoğlu, 2016'in Year Republic, Double Baths, the streets that cover the streets of 75 meter street length of a project, "he said. Babaş gave information about the structure and customs of the building; emphasized that a monumental building, 690 registered building facade improvement and 14 unregistered building facade cladding works were planned.


Emphasizing that the projects designed are very big projects and that they should be worked on meticulously, Babas said that financial resources are ready for the projects. his father; Ik As you know, we supported the North Anatolian Development Agency (KUZKA) and signed the contract. Nasrullah Square and Coppersmiths Bazaar projects are supported by the KUZKA Ministry of Development guided project. 6,4 million TL will support for this. All of these projects are financial sources ready, Tüm he said. Parallel to the ongoing work on the parcel, Babas said; Kon We purchased the mansion near the 20 as a municipality. We have made the tender and restoration work of these mansions continues. I hope we finish these as soon as we want to put into operation as a boutique hotel, restaurant, cafeteria. Thus, we want these hosts to live ın.


Following his investigations in Kastamonu, head of the Board of the Preservation of Cultural Assets 1 numbered Assoc. Dr. Bashir Fatih Dogan stated that they support such projects if they are in compliance with their legislation and added; Bize All of the projects that our Mayor has submitted to us so far comply with our legislation. We have taken some principle decisions and we will proceed within the framework of these decisions. There are still some documents to come. We will examine them and make the final decision. For now, all projects are considered appropriate for us. Projects that will reveal the historical texture of Kastamonu, make it a tourist destination, and the examinations we have done so far are very positive. In principle, we have approved the ropeway project. We have to examine. We think that this historical texture of Kastamonu will be a beautiful project for seeing it from above. On Doğan expresses her views on the dan Butchers Hali Project Kast. Medi The Butchers Hali Project has not come to us yet. However, the blood we obtained as a result of the investigations we made was aligned with the historical texture. It doesn't look like the Nasrullah Square, ”he said.