Gospel of ropeway

Kartepeye cable car gospel: Kartepe will be the center of attraction of winter tourism with its cable car project. Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez said: ey We aim to make our region a tourist center with the cable car line that will connect with the summit Kart

Kartepe Municipality has completed the permit procedure for the 2 stage lift project between Derbent-Kuzuyayla and Seka Kamp-Sapanca-Derbent. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for support of 1 million liras. The first stage of the project will be completed by Build-Operate-Transfer method. Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez said that the cable car project 30 brought to the agenda several years ago and said proj With Teleferik, our tourism potential will increase even more Kart. President Üzülmez, Kartepe summit to the top of the idea of ​​transport to the cable car 30 year before the first time he was thrown himself, said the chance to realize this project in the current location. President Üzülmez yerli Two domestic and one foreign company are interested in the project. I have great support from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. I want to realize this project in this period, proj he said.

Expressing that Kartepe will become a tourism and commercial attraction center in the coming years, Üzülmez said, mez The geographical location of our district is close to Istanbul and it is a district with high tourism potential. Sukaypark and Greenpark is located in our district. Investors came to us, Yatırım he said. Üzülmez uy In our district, we keep meeting and nature tourism in the forefront. 5 and 4 hotels are available. We are struggling to make our Kartepe district a center of attraction. Kart Dr. Üzülmez said: da The ropeway project will progress rapidly with the support of our ministry. The first stage of the ropeway project to be built with the model-transfer model will extend from the Derbent ridge to the Summit (Kuzuyayla). The second stage will rise from Seka camp site and reach the first stage in Derbent from the top of Sapanca Lake and will extend over the Lake of Sapanca to the back of Derbent. The length of both stages will be approximately four and a half. Her

President Üzülmez stating that they made social and cultural breakthroughs for Kartepelas. Ta We provide warm food to the people who are in need or who are unable to cook at home. Free sports centers for women and sports schools for our children. Primary school 5. ız Some of our social municipality practices have been distributed to our students. sınıf

Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez ın We try to make the district a stronger tourism economy by increasing the view and interest of foreign investors. We aim to turn our region into a tourism center with the ropeway that will be connected with the summit kur. Sadulmez Tesis Snow sports center on the top of Kartepe, which is the center of nature sports, can be experienced at the same time at Kartepe Sukay Park Facilities on the shore of Sapanca Lake'n.

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