Cable car coming to Kartepe summit

Kartepe summit ropeway is coming: With the cable car line between the Municipality of Derbent and Kuzuyayla, Kartepe will be the new favorite of winter tourism.

The 80 of the permits was obtained by the Municipality of Kartepe in the two-stage ropeway project between Derbent-Kuzuyayla and SEKA-Sapanca-Derbent. To support the project, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism provided support to the Municipality of Kartepe for a projection of 1 million TL. The first stage of the Teleferic Project, which is planned to be built by the Build-Operate-Transfer method, has also come to an end in the Derbent-Kuzuyayla project.

Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez, Kartepe summit of the first cable lift to the idea of ​​the first time 30 year ago, he said the chance to realize this project as president today, he said. President Üzülmez yerli Two domestic and one foreign company are interested in the project. I see great support from the Metropolitan Municipality. I want to realize this project in this period, proj he said.

Expressing that Kartepe will become a tourism and commercial attraction center in the coming years, Üzülmez said, haline We are a town with a high tourism potential. Sukaypark and Grenpark are also located in our district. Investors began to come to us. Meeting and nature tourism in our district are in the forefront. 4 and 5 hotels are available. We are struggling to make our Kartepe district a center of attraction. Kart President Üzülmez said that the ropeway project will progress rapidly with the support of the ministry. The second stage will reach the first stage at Derbent from the top of Sapanca Lake by rising from SEKA Camping Site. It will come to the back of Derbent over Lake Sapanca. The length of both stages will be nine kilometers Her.

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