Kartepe Cable Car Project to be put into service at 2017

📩 24/11/2018 14:33

Kartepe Ropeway Project will be put into service at 2017: Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez came together with Kartepe Tourism Association member tourism operators at Kartepe Sukay Park Facilities.

Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez came together with the operators in the tourism sector. The President of Kartepe Tourism Association, Mr. Kamil Öçbe, President of Kartepe Tourism Association, and Mayor Üzülmez, who hosted the Board of Directors and members, were accompanied by Vice Presidents, Coordinators and related Department Managers.

President Hüseyin Üzülmez, who noted that they are a president and management working with the goal of Kartepe not to come to the forefront with its industry but with tourism, said başkan I am more than happy to be with you in a meeting where participation is high. I interpret this as being more than you expect from us. At this point, we hope to be the president and management who can respond to expectations. Within the framework of laws and laws, we will try to be on your side in matters other than our responsibility and jurisdiction. Kan

President Üzülmez, Kartepeli meeting of the problems and problems related to the development of the problems and problems in the individual told one by one. Maşukiye Square and Entrance Project, especially due to the problems experienced in the cold storage depot, the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture is expected to work on the pastures in many issues were informed about tourism. It was also stated that the decision will be made after a large-scale research on the market place project. Stating that they will provide logistic support to the companies that want to participate in EMITT Tourism Fair, President Üzülmez said that they have accelerated the solution processes by providing coordination with other institutions on infrastructure and transportation issues.

President Üzülmez shared with the owners of the projects and services in the direction of attracting more tourists to the district and said leri We are on your side with our investments and projects in the development of tourism. How many local and foreign tourists can bring here with the introductions in this direction. The happiness of your economy, the happiness of closing your safe in the evening, as a local manager from the shopkeepers will make me happy as much as you. I would like to reach the answer to how we can increase the tourism potential in our district by reason and consultation. At this point, I want you to know that I'm in the same thought with you Bu.

Indicating that it is open to any project that will attract attention to Kartepe, Mayor Üzülmez said, mez We are making efforts to shape the trade in Kartepe. I am waiting for your opinions and suggestions on this subject and I care. I'm waiting for your comments for the totem work that will introduce the district and will be in the memory. I am looking at a festival organization that will be determined by a delegation composed of you and attract attention to the district. We do our introductions with our Arabic and English website and fairs abroad. TOKI, to make a tender for the tourism high school in our district and the digging will hit the dig in the holiday break, '' he said.

President Üzülmez stated that they are planning to expand the tourism circle in Kartepe with the cable car project which was thought for 30-40 for years. With the ropeway project, the tourism circle in Kartepe will be further expanded. We plan to continue through Derbent and make the roads in Arslanbey and Suadiye and to increase the potential here. This will increase your customer potential. Our government supports such a strong and big project. With the support of you, 30-40 project has been considered for some years. We are planning to implement the first stage of the cable car project in which we received the state support and project, at 2017. 1 by cable car. We will reach the summit from Derbent on the stage. 2. 1 on the lake for the stage. We will provide transportation to the place where the stage begins Et.

Mayor Üzülmez also introduced the Mobile Tourism Guide which is one of the projects of Kartepe Municipality which develops tourism and supports tourism. Başkan We introduce the district including domestic and foreign tourists in every platform. operating in the tourism industry in our district will visit the town where all business locations in Turkey in order to provide convenience to the guests, which we presented the first example of a software application into the Mobile Tourism Guide service. We will also share this project with the public at a press conference. This application will bring your guests to the door with mobile phones come to life. Update the information in the app that will be installed on the phones by contacting our friends. Follow us to be aware of the developments on this issue and care about this new application, er he said.

They listened to President Üzülmez's solution-focused ideas about the demands of tourism operators. Association President Öçbe said, takip We will follow your projects with new management model and organizational structure. We believe that your investment and services and new applications that will increase the attractiveness of Kartepe will be more successful. Thank you in advance for the services and arrangements you provide while wishing success in your work. Çalış