Kartepe Ski Center Waiting for Snow

Kartepe Ski Center Awaits Snowfall: While the lack of snow on the ski slopes in Kartepe, one of the important ski resorts of the Marmara Region, makes the operators think, it expects reservations to increase with the snow that will fall this evening before the New Year holiday.

Although the hotel in Kartepe Ski Center, which is located at an altitude of 500 meters, which is the highest point of Samanlı Mountains in Kartepe district of Kocaeli, is prepared for the New Year holiday, there is still no snow on the ski slopes. Green Park Hotel officials at the ski center, where the snow that fell about 15 days ago was about to melt, said that with the heavy snowfall that they expected to start this evening, the tracks would be ready for skiing.


Expressing that they continue to receive reservations before the upcoming New Year holidays, Green Park Kartepe Hotel Manager Önder Borıcıoğlu said, “Our hotel is at an altitude of 500 meters. Here, we can make our guests ski on 3 hills. We expect a serious snowfall from tomorrow. I hope we will enter the New Year with a serious profit. Our New Year's reservations are not bad either. Our occupancy has reached 50 percent. I guess this rate will progress to 80 percent within a few days, not being below 100 percent. Customers are naturally waiting for snowfall. "A serious snowfall is coming on Tuesday evening."


air attack followed the tourism sector in addressing the problems experienced Sıkıcıoğl between Turkey and Russia, "as the Kartepe location from a very good place. We do not have any problems with foreign guests from the Middle East. Very busy Arab guests especially in the summer months; We host guests from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran and Qatar. We have guests from Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The plane crisis may affect us a little bit on the basis of football teams of course Russian teams because we hosted 7-8 Russian teams last year. But we do not think they will come this year. We do not think this situation will affect us much. Because we have a serious sports market. Arab countries all over Europe, even in the north and south. For example, we hosted teams from Ukraine last year, ”he said.


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