Kartal - Kaynarca metro line opens in 2016

The Kartal - Kaynarca metro line opens in 2016: the first metro of the Anatolian side, which was put into service by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2012. Kadıköy - Works continue on the Kartal-Kaynarca metro line, which is the continuation of the Kartal metro line.


Concrete was drawn for the rolling rails at the Pendik stop of the metro line, which reached the end of the fine workmanship at the stations. When the metro line is completed, the first metro of the Anatolian Side Kadıköy-Kartal Metro will extend to Kaynarca.

Opened in 2012 with a line length of 21,7 kilometers Kadıköy-Kartal Metro tunnel has 16 passenger stations. When the Kartal-Kaynarca Metro is included in the line, the number of stations will reach 19 and the length of the line will increase to 26,5 kilometers.


With the Kartal-Kaynarca metro line, which was tendered on March 6, 2013 and planned to be operational in 2016, Kadıköy-The time between Kanarca will be reduced to 38.5 minutes.

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  1. Thank goodness, thank God, the length of this line is 4600 meters and will last exactly forty months if opened 4600 meters 40 months, so 1200 days is not so even four meters per day, not even the halal whether the management of my hands as fast as I say, my municipality, I know who I'm saying the acep is opened better if the opening is not opened in the 2012 2013 also opened the eagle in the line of the 30 was said to open the line 35 or 4600 months, such as a long delay, but the line of 400 is easy to look at the Japanese, they can not even 4600 km they can not even 400 if it does not have a large XNUMX XNUMX km which one is big