Technological inspection for Karaköy - Beyoğlu historical tunnel

Technological inspection for Karaköy - Beyoğlu historical tunnel: Karaköy - Beyoğlu historical tunnel, one of the oldest underground rail systems in the world, will be examined for restoration. After the maintenance and renovation works of different periods for the historical tunnel, which was put into service in 1875, a determination will be made as to whether renewal or reinforcement is required. The 573 meter long tunnel was transferred to the IETT General Directorate in 1939. The tunnel that connects Galata and Beyoğlu in 90 seconds was completely renewed by a French company in 1970.

The decoration, static, lighting and other functions of the tunnel, which has a touristic value as one of the most important symbols of Istanbul, will be controlled from the beginning. According to the report to be released at the end of the studies that will continue for 120 days, restoration or strengthening will be done. Wear and durability measurements will be carried out with technological equipment. According to the studies planned by IETT General Directorate in 2016, a new one will be added to the nostalgic trams used in the tunnel.

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