Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge will be reduced to how many minutes

The Osmangazi Bridge
The Osmangazi Bridge

Where and How Many Minutes Will the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge Go Down: Work is continuing on the highly anticipated Izmir highway project. With the completion of the project, the value of many regions is expected to increase. There are in Bursa among the regions that will increase in value.

Work continues on the Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge, which is the fourth largest suspension bridge in the world with the largest span.

The Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (including the İzmit Bay Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Project, which is known as the Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project, will benefit most of the people with land and housing in the region.


Gebze İzmir highway, which will reduce travel from Istanbul to Izmir from 9 hours to 3,5 hours, will change from transportation to tourism.

The total length of the 433 project, the length of the 10 project, is 2009 billion dollars. 29 was built with the Izmir Motorway Build Operate Transfer Model. The groundbreaking ceremony of the bridge was carried out on 2010 October XNUMX.


The starting point of the project is Gebze, passing the İzmit Bay, which is located between the highway Dilovasi and Herzegovina Cape, with the length of about 3 kilometers, passing through the viaducts on both sides, and connecting to Bursa Ring road with Orhangazi and Gemlik.

When the project is completed, the Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge will be one of the world's largest bridges.

After the existing Bursa ring road (Bursa - Karacabey), the new motorway will start again at the Junction junction and pass through the north of Susurluk and reach Balıkesir.

Subsequently, the highway, which runs from the west of Balıkesir to the south, passes through the towns of Savaştepe, Soma, Kırkağaç, to the west near Turgutlu, proceeds parallel to the İzmir - Uşak state road and finally connects to the Anatolian High School Junction on the İzmir Ring Road.


When the transition times of the gulf according to transportation alternatives are evaluated; 1 hours pass by 20 hour, ferry pass by using the existing road with the bay 45 ~ 60 minutes; With the planned Gulf Pass (12 kilometer), the 6 will fall to the minute.

Bursa transportation, which is 2,5-3 hours from Istanbul, will decrease to 1 hour, İzmir transportation, which is 8-10 hours from Istanbul, will reach 3,5-4 hours and Eskişehir transportation will be 2-2,5 hours.


Balıkesir and Manisa, which are located on the route, are expected to be the new attraction area of ​​the industrial investments that have exceeded the regional capacity around Istanbul and Bursa.

The project, which will provide additional contribution to the developing industrialization of the Eskişehir-Bozüyük-Bilecik region, which is located around the route with the Manisa and Balıkesir provinces on the route, will also pave the way for new investments in this region.

Karamürsel, Dilovası, Körfez and Gebze districts, where the bridge that forms an aesthetic appearance with its illumination, became the center of attraction.

Housing prices and rents increased by approximately 15 to 25 in regions where the bridge will benefit. Regions are mostly demanded from Istanbul and Arabs.

On the other hand, while housing projects are continuing in İzmir, many big construction companies have set their eyes on Bursa and Gebze. For Gebze, its connection to Yalova, Bursa, Balıkesir, Manisa and İzmir will become easier. There will be significant growths in the Karamürsel-Yalova-Orhangazi axis, in the industrial and residential areas.


Tourists who come to Istanbul from all over the world, tourism professionals who want to attract to Izmir by using the advantage of a highway that will reduce the distance between the two cities to 3 hours are also hopeful for the project. Tourists coming to Istanbul will be able to reach İzmir, which is 3,5 hours away, within the scope of the tour. Or it will be much easier for tourists who want to come to Izmir and see Istanbul.

In this respect, the project is envisaged to contribute greatly to the economic vitality of the Marmara and Aegean Regions, where most of the country's economy is formed.


Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge, which is the biggest leg of Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway Project, which will reduce the transportation time between Istanbul and Izmir from 9 hours to 3,5 hours, has increased the value of the lands and residences in the region.

When the project is completed, especially; Antalya transportation, which has great tourism potential, after the Gulf Bridge; Following the Bursa route, it will cross the route coming from Sakarya with Bozüyük.

With the construction of Gebze - Orhangazi - Bursa - Balıkesir - İzmir Motorway, Edirne-Kınalı-Istanbul-Ankara Motorway will be merged with İzmir-Aydın Motorway and connected to Marmara Region Aegean Region by motorway network.

Economic losses resulting from the increase in Vehicle Operation Expenses (increased fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and repair expenses etc.) will be eliminated.

The Istanbul-Izmir Highway, which also includes the Bay Bridge, will improve the cities on its route. The project will increase land and housing prices in Izmit, Bursa and Yalova, while housing projects will increase.

Environmental factors such as emission increases caused by traffic congestion and noise pollution will be minimized.

Traffic accidents caused by the inadequacy of the geometric standard of the existing road will be reduced.

Traffic load of Gebze - Izmit axis opened to Anatolia with the project will decrease by 30 percent.

The advantages that the whole highway will shorten the distance to the 95 mileage according to the current state route are calculated in the feasibility studies, resulting in the 8-10 hour of 3-3,5 hours to be reduced to 650-XNUMX hours and in return XNUMX million dollars will be saved.


The construction process of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway build-operate-transfer project was determined as 7 years. The construction works of the Gebze-Gemlik section of the Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge are planned to be completed and opened to traffic next year. Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge is aimed to be completed and opened to traffic by the end of March 2016.


The bridge toll is announced as 35 dollar + VAT. The toll booths of the Gebze-Izmir highway are also ready to download Istanbul-Izmir trip to 3,5 hours.

In the Gebze - Orhangazi part of the project, which is expected to be opened to traffic in the first stage, the fare collection booths installed in the Main Control Center, Regional Control Center and Altınova Intersection Ticket Area were delivered.

User trainings of delivered systems have been started. The delivery of the Orhangazi, Kılıç and Gemlik Crossroads will also take place in the near future.

The system uses OGS, HGS, credit card and toll boxes that accept all cash payments. In addition, electronic payments such as OGS and HGS can be checked for immediate balance by checking the balance of the users' balances.

Automatic plate recognition technology for the front and rear plates of the vehicles was used in all of the entrances and exits. The system also includes independent vehicle counting and classification features for inspections.

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