The last deck was placed on the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge

The last deck was placed on the Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge: İzmir Gulf Crossing Bridge, which is expected to be completed in March 2016, was also laid on the last deck.

On the bridge, the main cable is finished. The installation of the decking on the sea will start in the coming months.

The distance between Izmir and Istanbul will be reduced to three and a half hours. Fifty-fifty percent of the project has not yet experienced any work accidents.

In the past days, during the construction of the third bridge, two young people go up to the top of the bridge and take selfies. written signs were placed.

Following the last deck, which was placed in place with a floating crane, the construction of the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge continued at full speed.

With the installation of the last deck, the construction of the viaducts on the roads has ended. The opening of the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which has completed the asphalt of all roads on land, will be in March 2016.

On the other hand, the construction of the main cable, which will carry the decks, has been completed. 330 thousand meter thin steel cable was used in the construction of the main cable, which is the skeleton of İzmit Bay Passage. The main cable is still tight.

The construction of the decks, which will be laid on the sea at Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, will begin in the coming months. In order to prevent the construction from being affected by bad weather conditions, it is said that large tents will be installed in the areas where the construction will take place.

The construction of the Izmir Bay Crossing Bridge, whose entire skeleton is revealed, is about three and a half months to complete.

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