Response to Public Transportation in Izmir

Reaction to Increase in Public Transportation in Izmir: With the statement of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, as of January 1, 2016, the city's public transportation in the city, metro, ferry, ferry, and the increase in the transportation costs in İZBAN by 8 percent. Citizens reacted greatly.

The citizens who reacted to the increase in public transportation in Izmir stated that the money they gave did not match with the transportation they received and said, "If there was transportation, they do not have a proper transportation". Citizens of Izmir reacted to the fact that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality increased the transportation fees by 1% in buses, metro, ferries, ferries and İZBAN in urban public transportation, effective from January 2016, 8. Ceren Aktürk, a newcomer to Izmir from Istanbul, stated that prices and transportation would be more convenient in Izmir, but that is not the case, “We are coming from Istanbul. We thought transportation would be easier, we did not know that the prices would increase. This situation will affect the students negatively ”he said. Retired İbrahim Leylek, on the other hand, stated that they could not get enough efficiency from transportation and said, “When there is transportation, they should raise money, but there is no transportation. There is no proper transportation. The buses are coming late, ”he reacted. Mehmet Gökçe stated that there is a constant raise with the name of the youth and said: “There is always a raise. I do not use a student card, but it will not make any difference even if I use a raise.

Buses arrive very late in transportation, buses are very few. A line number 5 should come one after the other, but it comes 40 minutes apart, it should be 20 minutes at most. The raise is really bad for us, if we are making transportation with such difficulty, there should not be a raise. Because we do not benefit from transportation properly. " Stating that the hike was too much, a medical student said, “It's a terrible raise, what is 2.25. We travel 2 kilometers, we pay 2.25 TL. I just issued my student card. I try not to use too much transportation, I usually walk. "Let's not give money to sports and transportation for health," he said. Another medical student, Nevra Kaya, said, “It would be much better for us if they didn't make it expensive. For the student, 1.25 is good, but sometimes we lose our card, we just print it 2.25 and it hurts obviously. I wish it would go on like this if they didn't make it too expensive ”.

According to the new tariff that will be valid as of January 1, full tickets are from 2,25 TL to 2,40 TL, student ticket prices from 1,25 TL to 1,35 TL, and teacher ticket prices are 1,60 TL. from 1,75 TL. The card fee for 60 age cards increased from 115 TL to 125 TL. For the 3-5 boarding passes, the 2-pass cards rose to 5,80 TL, the 3-pass cards to 8,20 TL, and the 5-pass card fees to 13 TL. will come out. On the 'Owl' flights, the ticket price was increased from 105 TL to 118 TL for full boarding, 4,50 TL for the student and 4,80 TL for the teacher. Boarding fees to districts and towns such as Urla, Seferihisar, Torbalı, Foça, Kemalpaşa, Selçuk, Doğanbey, Balıklıova, Gerenköy, Özdere are 2,70 TL to 3,50 TL, student 3,95 TL to 4,20 TL and the teacher was increased from 2,15 TL to 2,30 TL. In the new year, in remote districts such as Kınık, Bergama, Dikili, Aliağa, Ödemiş, Tİre, Beydağ, Kiraz, Çeşme and Karaburun, the price is 2,40 TL for full boarding, 2,60 TL for student boarding and 4,80 TL for teacher boarding. determined.

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