Hand brake brake

Izbana Handbrake Disability: Izmir, Aliaga-Cumaovasi regulated by the handbrake of a train between the trains of the İZBAN hand brake while disarming citizens, the train was stranded.

Citizens were trapped in the train, while the handbrake of a İZBAN train, which runs between İzmir and Aliağa-Cumaovası, was disrupted by a citizen. According to the information, the incident occurred around 08:00 in the morning. According to the allegations, there were Karşıyaka The handbrake inside the İZBAN train arriving at the bus stop was pulled by a citizen. Due to this movement without an emergency, the İZBAN train could not move and remained at the stop. the Cumaovasi KarşıyakaWhile the İZBAN trains coming to Istanbul stop, some trains coming from Aliağa direction come up to Çiğli after returning the passengers and then turn back to Aliağa direction. KarşıyakaHe carried passengers who could not go to Aliağa after. While some of the trains were stranded in the tunnel for half an hour, the passengers had moments of fear. While agglomeration occurred at İZBAN stops, the trains were filled with crowds. Due to the incident in some citizens, he was late for his work. IZBAN officials frequently made announcements in the wagons and stops and reported that the trains were disrupted due to the braking of a citizen. After about two hours of disruption, the trips returned to normal.

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