Swedish Railways cancel trains to Copenhagen

Swedish Railways canceling Copenhagen train services: Sweden's rail carrier has announced that it will stop its train services to Copenhagen, Denmark, from the Öresund Bridge, starting on January 4, when the SJ identity check will begin.

In order to control the influx of asylum seekers in the recent months, the Swedish government has decided to implement identity control at the borders and has announced that it will be responsible for the implementation of identity control.

Monica Berglund, Public Transport Manager of Railways transport company SJ, stated that they will not be able to control identity in Denmark under today's conditions, and that the time required for the Traffic Planning unit in Copenhagen to be able to carry out identity control planning in the platforms in such a short time is “To start the identity traffic and start the rail traffic regularly. We are looking for solutions. However, it is difficult to say when the flights can start again today. ”

Sweden's decision to initiate an identity application had been criticized by business circles in both Sweden and Denmark as the application would have a negative impact on the regional economies.

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