İstinye İTÜ Kağıthane Metro Line Project Proposal was requested from the companies that had the pre-selection of the project tender.

İstanbul BB İstinye İTÜ Kağıthane Metro Line Project The company was asked to bid 18 January 2016 from the winners of the preliminary selection of the project.

The preliminary selection evaluation of aya Istinye - ITU - Kagithane Metro Line Final Project lüğü tender of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Projects Directorate has been completed.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information; The companies that won the pre-selection of the tender were asked to bid until 18 on 2016 January 10.00. The pre-selection company / joint ventures are as follows:
1. Cenor Consultures SA - Fer Consult SA
2. Geodata Engineering SpA - Emay Mühendislik
3. Idom Ingenieria Y Consultoria
4. Istanbul Transportation Industry
5. Ove Arup Partners International - Arup Engineering
6. Prota Engineering
7. Proyapı Engineering - Italferr SpA
8. Syntagma
9. Tecnimont Civil Construction
10. Tekfen Engineering - Geoconsult Zt Gmbh
11. Yüksel Project
Reference: Investments 1260 / 30 November 2015 (AP)

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