Erciyes Summit in Istanbul

Erciyes Summit in Istanbul: Meetings are held one after the other so that Kayseri gets more shares from the tourism cake and Erciyes contributes more to the economy of Kayseri. With the meeting organized by Turkish Airlines, Kayseri and Erciyes were introduced to the agencies working in Istanbul, especially in the field of ski tourism.

The potential in Erciyes, which has become an important winter tourism center to host the 2016 World Championship with the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality, has been described in Istanbul. Governor Orhan Düzgün, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Çelik, Erciyes A.Ş. General Manager Murat Cahid Cıngı, Turkish Airlines Sales and Marketing Department Head Halil İbrahim Polat and tourism agencies participated.

Providing information about the potential of Kayseri and Erciyes at the meeting, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Çelik said that Kayseri, which is an ancient city of 6 thousand years, is a city that includes natural and historical beauties. Stating that the works belonging to five civilizations can be seen from Kayseri Cumhuriyet Square, Mayor Çelik stated that as the Metropolitan Municipality, while revealing the historical beauties of Kayseri, they have made Erciyes a world-class winter tourism center. Every aspect of Turkey in terms of winter tourism Erciyes arguably the most beautiful mountain in voicing Chairman of Steel, but also the airport in the city center Erciyes and noted that the most accessible ski resort with a wide highway. Erciyes is a world-class centers to make any sacrifice to avoid emphasizing that President Mustafa Celik, making a great winter tourism center in Turkey and said they offer the service of people worldwide.

In his speech, Governor Orhan Düzgün stated that Kayseri is a city with high tourism potential and that it is evaluated in the best way. Expressing that Erciyes is one of the best mountains in the world in terms of infrastructure adequacy, Governor Düzgün noted that they are waiting for everyone in Erciyes, the ski resort with the easiest accessible and most equipped roads in the world.

Erciyes A.Ş. Murat Cahid Cıngı, Chairman of the Board and General Manager made a presentation on the tourism potential of Kayseri and Erciyes.

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