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Solution to Istanbul traffic Logistics villages: Istanbul is a city where thousands of big and small vehicles carry goods from one place to another. We asked Logistics Expert Akın Toros in order to create a relief in traffic by making some arrangements on freight traffic in Istanbul…

Akın Toros is one of the well educated managers in his field. He's a logistics expert. Therefore, it is his job to bring all kinds of products from one place to another and bring them to the consumer. In this sense, he manages a giant transportation network.

Everybody is finding a solution to Istanbul traffic. When I came across Akın Toros; How does logistics affect traffic? Is it possible to create some relief in traffic traffic in Istanbul and not create a relief in traffic? Istanbul is a city where thousands of vehicles are transported by small and small vehicles that carry goods from place to place every day.

I asked Akın Toros to write his suggestions and write about it for me. Dear Toros, the traffic problems caused by freight traffic and solution suggestions, and wrote to me. Here are the suggestions:

  1. It should be ensured that bonded warehouses serving in Kartal, Çekmeköy and Samandıra districts, which are located in the Anatolian side of the city, are densely populated. Traffic created by vehicles entering and leaving customs warehouse is prevented.
  2. The closure of Haydarpaşa port to sea traffic, the use of Pendik, Gebze ports on the Asian side of Istanbul. Containers arriving at Haydarpasa port negatively affect traffic due to traffic to warehouses and warehouses by road including urban traffic (E-5).
  3. For the purpose of logistics warehouse located scattered on the Asian and European sides, the regions of logistics centers (logistics village) should be determined by the municipality on both sides of Istanbul to carry out logistics activities (bonded and duty-free warehouses, distribution centers, repair shops, accommodation for drivers). It can be Çatalca and Arnavutköy on the European side (close to the 3rd bridge), Gebze and Paşaköy on the Asian side (near the 3rd bridge). It should be ensured that logistics centers are established on both sides, at least four and on an area of ​​500.000 m2 each, and logistics activities of Istanbul should be carried out centrally in these villages.
  4. It should be ensured that the Erenköy Customs, which is located on the Asian side and which is within the settlement area, should be moved to an out-of-town area and to serve in the logistics village mentioned in the previous article. The import of goods from the Erenköy customs to the warehouses and the transportation of the export goods to the Erenköy Customs have a negative impact on the urban traffic.
  5. The goods movement, which takes place between both sides of Istanbul, is delivered by truck and TIR transportation. Inner city movement of these vehicles affects inner city traffic, especially bridge traffic. In this context, in order to reduce vehicle movement, an infrastructure should be established on the 3rd bridge to allow rail transport. Thus, it is ensured that a significant part of the complete shipments of goods on both sides of Istanbul is carried out by rail instead of the TIR and Truck from the 3rd bridge, while the truck and TIR movement in the city is reduced.
  6. It can be ensured that the movement of goods that takes place between both sides of Istanbul is directed to the sea road instead of the road. ROROs should be put into service in order to ensure the transportation of trucks and trucks between Ambarlı and Gebze in the Bosphorus. Currently, there is a RORO service that transports trucks between Bandırma and Ambarlı. Goal; minimizing truck and truck traffic in railway and seaway use and bridge crossings.
  7. The movement of goods coming to the shopping malls, the number of which is increasing in Istanbul, affects the traffic negatively. The companies serving in the shopping mall ship their goods to the shopping mall with their own vehicles or contracted logistics companies. In order to prevent traffic from being adversely affected by the movement of the shopping mall, shopping mall referral standards should be determined. Within the scope of this standard, it should be ensured that goods movements are carried out at midnight and early morning at 06.00. In order for the goods to take place with the least number of vehicles, each shopping mall should have a single contracted logistics company. This logistics company should organize goods movement and receipts within the shopping mall.
  8. Due to e-commerce, which is accompanied by mobile technology, the increase in the number of consumer houses leads to increased traffic in the city. By limiting home deliveries to city centers and traffic-intensive hours, the impact of increased home deliveries on traffic can be reduced.

  9. The capacities of bonded warehouses serving in Istanbul ports should be increased. As a result of the increased bonded storage capacity, the containers coming to the port are discharged into the bonded area within the port without being shipped to a bonded warehouse outside the port with an additional referral. Container traffic is reduced.

  10. Railway connections should be provided between Istanbul Ports and Logistics villages. Containers or bulk cargoes coming to and from the port can be shipped to the logistic centers (villages) to be established by rail. With this delivery method, it is possible to reduce TIR and Truck traffic. The railway connection does not only allow to reduce the density on the highway, but also to reduce the transportation costs significantly.

I would very much like to share these suggestions with the authorities of Istanbul Municipality and to contribute to solve the Istanbul traffic problem.


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