Istanbul Ready for Snowfall

Istanbul Snowfall Ready: Istanbul is expected to enter the cold and snowy atmosphere this evening. Istanbul Metropolitan took all measures on the main roads. Also the 40 bin salt bag was left to be used in case of need for various points of the city.

The General Directorate of Meteorology warns. Istanbul is expected to profit from today. The snow thickness is estimated to reach an average of 20-25 centimeters.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has taken all the measures to make 2015-2016 winter season smooth. IMM Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) is going to be an alarm with the participation of all relevant units.

4 vehicles, 1114 bin 5 personnel will be employed in the snow-combat activities to be carried out in the 450 thousand kilometers of main arteries throughout Istanbul. 360 intervention route was determined. 240 thousand 605 tons of salt and one thousand 290 tone solution ready. Snow-plowing teams were assigned to villages.

250 point salt was left to 1 point consisting of intersections and main arteries. 40 bin bag 25 pound salt was put into use for public institutions and hospitals, hospitals and dormitories.

The Metrobus road will be kept open for transportation by 32 vehicle. 25 kilograms of 40 thousand bags of salt and 250 tonnes of 1 tonnes of salt were left to public institutions, main arteries and intersections.



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