Elevators of İZBAN pedestrian overpass in Çınarlı district do not work

Elevators of İZBAN pedestrian overpass in Çınarlı district do not work: Citizens who have not been able to use the elevators of İZBAN pedestrian overpass for 5 months in Çınarlı district have to go to Halkapınar or Salhane, 1 kilometer to cross the street.

The lifts of İZBAN pedestrian overpass near Çınarlı Dental Hospital, Çınarlı Industrial Vocational High School and Çınarlı Police Center, where citizens come and go, have been destroyed by city magadas. Especially for the disabled, the elderly and women with children, the elevators, which are very convenient when crossing the road, have not been working for 5 months. Therefore, disabled people and citizens who use wheelchairs have to go to Halkapınar or Salhane İZBAN station one kilometer away to cross the road. Seniors and women with babies have to use dozens of steps to cross the road through the İZBAN line connecting Aliağa and Cumaovası. The elevators, which have not been maintained and repaired for 5 months, are now used as restrooms by those who do not know themselves. Even when passing by, the residents feel great discomfort due to the bad odors spreading around. Inside and outside of the elevators, whose windows and buttons were broken, were painted with spray paint.

Sadriye Ersoy (3), the mother of 65 children, who was disabled due to congenital hip dislocation, asked for the elevators to be repaired as soon as possible. Ersoy said that he could not use the IZBAN pedestrian overpass in Çınarlı because the elevators do not work. It is impossible for me to go up those stairs without an elevator. I am both disabled and old. ” Stating that the elevator door on the overpass is open, 67-year-old Necmi Özbekoğlu said, “Students of Çınarlı Industrial Vocational High School use this overpass very often. If one of the students falls into the elevator shaft tomorrow one day, who will account for this if something bad happens? These elevators should be repaired without being killed or injured. It should be maintained. ” Ertan Ataay, 41, who works as a mechanic on the industrial site, said, “I use this overpass several times every day. Elevators have not been repaired for months. It looks like this. The elderly and the disabled cannot use this overpass. Some do not know themselves, use the inside of elevators like a toilet. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality should take the elevators. ” Cihat Kaya, 18-year-old student of Çınarlı Industrial Vocational High School, said, “I use the overpass every day. As young people, we do not use elevators, but disabled people, elderly people and women with children find it difficult to cross without an elevator. ” "I use the overpass twice a day, morning and evening," said 70-year-old guard Recep Balkan. I go to work by bicycle. I carry the bike on my lap because there is no elevator. I have been torturing this for about 5 months. I have no hope that the elevator will be built. We called the Metropolitan Municipality many times but we could not get a result. ”

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