Iran-Turkey railway will have two lanes

Iran-Turkey railway will have two lanes: said that Iran Transportation and Urban Development Minister Abbas Ahun, Tehran-Karaj railway 4, Karaj-Zanjan and the railway will extend to several protesters from the border with Turkey was reported to be two lanes.

Knowing that the railway lines are the pillars of development, Ahundi said that the 2 strip of the Tehran-Kerec railway line is in use, 3. announced the introduction of the strip in the coming year.

Ün We had financial problems, sorun said the Minister. In line with the decision of President Hassan Rouhani, the project will be completed by the end of 18 by taking the necessary support. Cumhurbaşkanı

From Iran's capital of Tehran, Karaj, Zanjan and Tabriz is in use through the city reaching the border with Turkey 928 km railway line.

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