Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center is Ready for the New Year

Ilgaz Ski Resort
Ilgaz Ski Resort

Ilgaz Mountain ski resort is ready for New Year's Eve: As preparations for the new season are completed with the New Year, it is stated that the track, hotel and mechanical facilities are ready for the new year and season. It was reported that all facilities, except for some hotels, were filled days in advance.

Derbent Hotel Manager Kemal Buyuran, located in the Çankırı region of Ilgaz Mountain, said, “Our hotel has a 90 percent occupancy rate. We will welcome the new year together with our guests. Stating that we will have ball, live music, fire in the barrel and walks with torches, Doruk Hotel manager Mecit Kurumahmutoğlu, who is located in the same region, stated that they expect the 60 percent occupancy to reach 2000 percent by the end of the year, saying, “Ski lovers, together with the chairlift opened to the new operation as a mechanical facility on the mountain. They will enjoy skiing at an altitude of XNUMX meters on Ilgaz Mountain. “We will have activities such as New Year's Eve ball, live music and fire in the barrel”.

Can Erdem, the Manager of the Ski Federation Ilgaz Mountain Facilities located in the Kastamonu region of Ilgaz Mountain, stated that all the hotels were completely filled and said:

“Ilgaz Mountain is ready for the ski season with our mechanical facilities. Snow is currently insufficient for skiing. Snow is expected in the coming days. Last year's ski season started at Ilgaz on January 1st. "

During the night, the band will take the stage, the New Year's Eve dinner and a fire will be lit in the barrel. Ilgaz Mountain ski center, which has a total length of 4 kilometers, has 2 chair lifts, one of which is in Çankırı Region, as well as 2 hotels belonging to the public and private sector, and a total of 8 beds. The tracks on Ilgaz Mountain are monitored 500 hours by 14 mobile cameras. The new 24-kilometer-long track and the third largest chairlift in the Kastamonu region are being prepared for the season.

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