New Flights and Stops from IETT to Beykoz

IETT to Beykoz New Routes and Stops: IETT has added a new line of 10 and 2 to Beykoz, and has put modern bus stops to the 21 point where it is needed.

Within the scope of transportation investments realized with the cooperation of IETT and Beykoz Municipality, new buses, new lines and modern bus stops were put into service in Beykoz.

Consultations and consultations with high-level IETT officials returned to the district as a service and investment in order to provide better quality and comfortable transportation services for Beykozlular. The new bus and 10 new line 2 to the district as a result of the detections of the Municipality of Beykoz on the routes and the petitions, requests and applications submitted to IETT officials from the citizens

While the need was added to the 21 point, modern bus stops were placed.

With the new work of IETT in the district, the length of the buses serving two lines was increased from 9 to 12 meters.

Umraniye Beykoz Line Reinforcement

11 vehicle was added to 2H Beykoz-Tepeüstü line with the innovations.

15 2 vehicle 16 vehicle 94 line is added to the line of XNUMXTY (Tokatköy-Ümraniye State Hospital).

11 vehicle 2 is on service by adding 8 to 26ÇB (Kavacık-Çavuşbaşı-Ümraniye) line. Turkish-German University Morning Evening Tour Turkish-German University-New Riva Road-Çubuklu-Kavacik route in the morning and evening vehicles were placed. Cumhuriyet Village-Polonezköy-Çengeldere Sapağı-Görele Sapağı-Nafi Girls Quran Course-Şirindere-Örnekköy-Elmalı-Yeni Riva Yolu-Çubuklu bus-bus services started to run from Kavacık route.

15 meters in the 9A (Anadolu Kavağı-Kavacık) line of vehicles working with 12 meters were replaced with vehicles.

The 135 meter running vehicle was replaced with a 9 meter vehicle due to the passenger density in the 12G (Karanlıkdere-Tokatköy) line.

121 (Grocery-Mecidiyeköy) line was added to the 1 unit bellows vehicle.


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