China made complaint to the high-speed train project

China-made complaint to the high-speed train project: ASO complained to the Ministry of Transport of the Chinese company that runs the high-speed train project for not using domestic materials.

State receives 51 percent of the domestic industry supporting materials for use requirement is not applied to foreign firms doing business in Turkey appeared. Ankara Chamber of Industry complained to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications on the grounds that the Chinese company, which runs the high-speed train project, does not use domestic materials.

ASO pointed out that the State Railways (DDY) contract for the construction of high-speed trains included 51 percent domestic material usage requirement and said, “It is seen that foreign companies do not comply with this rule. This is undermining the domestic industry, ”he said.

Industrialists also made suggestions on how to resolve the crisis. In the ASO report, the recipe for solution was declared, "The addressee of the issue should be procured from the domestic industry with the unit to be established by the Ministry of Transport and DDY."

In the report, it was also emphasized that workers could not receive financial liability insurance in 2011-2013, as excessive damage was paid in the rubber and plastic industry. It was stated that "very high premium is required from the industrialists working in the rubber industry for financial liability insurance." ASO made a call to the Ministry of Economy and demanded that insurance companies and companies in the profession come together and find a solution to protect everyone.

ASO stated that Petkim was the main supplier of the rubber community before it was privatized, and said that the raw material problem experienced in this field was "After the company was privatized, the rubber raw materials kazanIt does not produce synthetic production and carbon black, which is the main rubber filler material, since it contains little and no pollution. This leads our industrialists to seek cheap and poor quality raw materials from abroad”.

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