Hitachi is after Havaray

Hitachi is after Havaray: Japanese Hitachi, who regrets she missed Marmaray, is counting days for Havaray. Turkey General Manager Akgun, "ambitious. We are discussing for the domestic partner. ”

The Marmaray project drew the attention they said they missed and very jealous of the Japanese technology giant Hitachi to enter the market now to Turkey, to be held in Istanbul 11 ​​kilometers havaray not want to give free rein to the project. stating that they could not get the same reasons as in the nuclear Hitachi's Turkey General Manager Erman Akgun, "We have a worldwide reputation in the rail system. We are very, very ambitious in Havaray. ” Expressing that Hitachi's signature is found in the rail systems of many countries such as England, China and Korea, Akgün said: “Our systems work with zero death. There have been no fatal accidents in Japan since 1960. We are realizing earthquake resistant projects. We have increased our capabilities with worldwide purchases. We also want to Havaray of Istanbul. ”

Emphasizing that they will enter the tender with a local partner, Akgün stated that the negotiations are continuing. Hitachi's first time in the history of rail systems that bring business unit headquarters from Tokyo to London a British wings per transfer Akgun, "has become a region where Turkey is located in the center of events. From London to Turkey often coming teams, "he said. Hitachi said they were preoccupied with the Director General of mega projects in Turkey, he said: "We miss the Marmaray. Next is the Havaray tender. We are very concerned at the high-speed train network in Turkey. We also plan to work with Turkish suppliers in our other rail systems projects in the region. ”

The company's 2016 targets in Turkey's highlight will be among the top 5 most important countries in Europe Akgun, said investment in Turkey until April 2015 to finish the fiscal year will exceed $ 300 million. Akgün said, “We will make some domestic purchases. While it was the only representative office in 2010, we currently have 5 companies. We have 200 employees, ”he said.

2016 Hitachi is aiming to sign a huge deal in Turkey. Erman Akgun, the world only to the Mayo Clinic, Andy to bring a cancer treatment unit located in the famous health organizations such as Anderson to Turkey, he said they discussed with the Ministry of Health. Akgün said, “This complex, which includes proton beam therapy, is an investment of at least 25-30 million dollars. We are discussing the establishment of the system in City Hospitals. ”

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