Hitachi AT300 to produce trains in Italy

Hitachi AT300 to produce trains in Italy: Hitachi's 22 in December, the Great Western Railway (GWR) ordered to be used in the UK by AT300 trains will be produced in the company's factory in Italy Pistoia.

The 361 million-euro agreement signed last July, although the country in which the trains were produced was different, and the agreement with Hitachi, which was concluded in November, ended with an amendment in AnsaldoBreda. As a result, it was announced that AT300 trains would be produced in Italy.

Maurizio Manfelletto, CEO of Hitachi Rail Italy, said the new version of the agreement would be more beneficial in both sides. He also pointed out the importance of the company's presence in Italy, adding that it is extremely important and that they will do their best to provide better service to customers by improving this presence.

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