Historic Florya Station Moving

florya train station
florya train station

Gebze- renovated within the scope of MarmarayHalkalı Florya station, located on the suburban train line, is shifted to the residential areas of the approximately 800 meter and the area where luxury restaurants are located.

Gebze- Marmaray line operating between Kazlıçeşme and AyrılıkçeşmesiHalkalı In the scope of the works carried out for the extension, Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı line has not been used since 2013 date. The Florya stop, which is located on the line where the construction activities began and the rails were removed, were Halkalı Within the scope of 'Improving Commuter Lines', it was decided to transfer approximately 800 meters to the east. In the station area where the expropriation process is carried out, a new station will be constructed in line with the request of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (iBB) Directorate of Transport Coordination.


DLH (General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction) A new station was requested to be built on the 201 meter of the 29 thousand square meter land of IMM located in Bakırköy 200 island 950 plot by Marmaray (İstanbul) Regional Directorate. In the proposal, which was decided by unanimous vote in the IBB Parliament, the change was stated to be of public interest and it was decided to allocate the land to the 25 yearly free of charge to DLH.

The Florya Atatürk mansion and the old station near the Atatürk forest will be moved around the Florya Aquarium and Aqua Florya shopping center, where there are many residential and luxury restaurants.


The decision, which CHP members also voted positively, was found appropriate on the condition that the trees in the area in question were 'removed by moving'. Parliament member Esin Hacıalioğlu, who expressed the CHP's concerns about the issue, warned that "Changing the location of trees does not mean the protection of trees. AK Party Council member Sibğetullah Şahin emphasized that the station area was partially shifted, and said that the commission report had a precondition of "not harming trees".



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