Let's park behind Haydarpaşa Train Station

Let the park behind the Haydarpaşa Train Station: Kadıköy The municipality announced that it has approved the restoration project, which has remained true to its original form.

Approving the restoration project of Haydarpaşa Station Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu said, “It is nice for the station building to return to its original state, but the land given to the Privatization Administration behind the station should not be used commercially. This area should be a green field and a park. ”

You know… The roof of the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station was badly damaged in the fire that broke out 5 years ago. After this big fire, the restoration of the station came to the agenda, but the project Kadıköy It was rejected by the municipality. Kadıköy The municipality has announced that it has rejected the restoration project on the grounds that the building is not in its original shape and that some add-ons will be made.

In the meantime, the rumors of the hotel was turned into a rumor and the public was very controversial. Upon the rejection of the restoration project, a new project was being prepared.


Here was a positive development regarding the second project the previous day and the second license application made by the General Directorate of State Railways Management with the restoration of Haydarpaşa Station Building. Kadıköy It was accepted by the municipality. Kadıköy The municipality announced that it has approved the restoration project, which has remained true to its original form.

One of the icon buildings of Istanbul, Haydarpasa Train Station, will be renewed in accordance with the original and the original condition of the building will be preserved. This is good news. But what will happen after the gar has been restored? Can it be used as a station or can it be converted into a museum?

The suburban lines integrated into Marmaray come to Ayrılıkçeşme. The high-speed train is in Pendik. Will Haydarpaşa be included in this system? Here are these questions Kadıköy I directed to Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu. President Nuhoğlu made the following statement regarding the restoration and the subsequent process:


Ver I did not give the restoration license to the first building of the historical garage. Because his original was broken. The roof was expanded, the elevator was attached. I approved the second project because it was in accordance with the original. Restoration can be started whenever required. My personal opinion is that the 4-5 is completed in a month. It's nice to have the garage building back to its original state, but we need to look at the whole thing. Namely; The land behind the station was given to the Privatization Administration. 2 million square meters have construction rights.

We want this land to be reconstructed, not used commercially and turned into a recreational area for the public. The Ministry of Transport had previously said that Haydarpaşa will continue to serve as a train station and the high-speed train will be extended. KadıköyThe request of the people is accordingly. We expect this symbol to remain as a station. Haydarpaşa Train Station, let the land behind be green space and park. ”


Sources of the Ministry of Transportation, Haydarpasa will remain as a garage, Minister Binali Yildirim 2 said a year ago, said: Hayd There is no return from this. Fast trains and other trains will go to Haydarpaşa''he said.

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