A Definitive Yet at Haydarpaşa Train Station KazanI'm No Keep Fighting


There is no definite information yet at Haydarpaşa Station. kazanI don't have a problem, continue the struggle: While the plan details of Haydarpaşa Station are gradually emerging, Haydarpaşa Solidarity, which is struggling against the restoration of the station for profit, said, "There is no final decision yet. kazanI'm not. Keep fighting for the station," he said.

The restoration of the Haydarpasa Train Station will be done in a proper way, the train will be restored to the railway station, and the number of commercial areas is waiting for approval. Haydarpaşa Solidarity, leaving behind the seizure of Tugay Kartal'la spoke.

Haydarpaşa Gar and Port area prepared for the transformation of the area of ​​the two-part Conservation Plan, indicating that the public areas will lead to a change in the function of the Kartal, the council and the municipal council approval process can not get the result of the administrative jurisdiction to stop the execution and cancellation of the request 3 opened a separate case he said.

In one of the lawsuits filed, Üsküdar District, Harem Region and Haydarpaşa Port and Backyard 1/5000 Scaled Master Plan was canceled due to urbanism principles, planning principles and non-public interest. Kadıköy On the other hand, a decision was made to stop the execution in the 1/5000 scale Conservation Master Plan of the Square and its Vicinity. The decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was rejected. The lawsuit filed against the 1/5000 Scale Master Plan prepared for the Haydarpaşa Train Station is ongoing.
"Yet kazannothing wrong"

Stating that TCDD Management's transfer of 1.000.000 m2 immovable, including Haydarpaşa station, port and back area, to the Privatization Administration (ÖİB), poses a risk in terms of struggle, Kartal said, "The transfer of authority for the sale of Haydarpaşa Station and Port area has not been canceled yet. kazanThere is nothing wrong," he said.
”What is certain is that there will be no external additions to the building“

Following the fire in Haydarpaşa Station in 2011, DELTA İnşaat Danışmanlık Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Sti. Reminding that an agreement has been signed with Kartal, for the building license by the company Kadıköy The application made to the Municipality stated that the construction gauge was changed, the floor was cut for the exit of the fire escape, the addition of the new elevator would put a load on the building, and the rooftop was given a commercial function with additional construction and was refused.

Stating that the decision of the High Council of Monuments to be repaired in accordance with the original, the transparent elevator and the covering of the building without making the platform cover were finalized, Kartal, upon which the TCDD was once again Kadıköy He applied to the Municipality and stated that he obtained the building license and that he would start working in the coming days.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity and Kadıköy Expressing that the municipality's objections prevent only transparent elevators and over-platform coatings to be made externally to the building, Kartal emphasized that the work to be done inside the building poses serious risks for the building carrier system.
”We will stand against all kinds of projects aimed at rent-related purposes“

“The appearance of a transparent elevator in the restoration project is pleasing, but it will be shouted to be happy. kazanThere is no development to enter the vertical modes yet. Kartal said, "Because the approved conservation development plan prepared for the transformation of Haydarpaşa Station and Port area has been withdrawn by the government and IMM, and that the station will be used as a station and the port will be used as a port," Kartal announced that they will stand against any project for profit purposes that leads to the change of the public and industrial functions of the station. he did.

Erdoğan's 13 2005 XNUMX'da return trip to the US ız we insist on the project, and even Haydarpasa High School building if we can get the region will be further alive. We are determined to change the face of Istanbul with the Haydarpaşa and Galata Port projects. Karar Kartal emphasized that the struggle would continue.

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