Haydarpasa Train Station

📩 07/12/2018 18:13

Haydarpaşa Train Station gets its trains: The trade areas in its plans, including Haydarpaşa Train Station, are being canceled. According to the new plan of the ministry, the train returns to Haydarpaşa.

Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which was closed as part of the High Speed ​​Train Project and then suffered a major fire, is revived. The historical station is claimed to be a hotel and non-governmental organizations have been fighting for the station for years. According to the news of Hazal Ocak from the Republic, the station will be restored according to its original and the trains will come to the garage again.

A project was prepared by the General Directorate of State Railways Administration in September last year regarding the Historical Haydarpaşa Station, whose roof was completely ashed by the suspicious fire it survived in 2010. To the project where cafeterias and elevators were added to open the way for the station to turn into a hotel. Kadıköy The municipality had not issued a license. After a year, the General Directorate of State Railways Management took a step back for the historical station and prepared a new restoration project that was in keeping with the original; Kadıköy Municipality has also licensed this project. Now the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is making new regulations as a result of the 10-year struggle of non-governmental organizations, scientists and the public. According to the information obtained, the trains will come back to the historical garage within the scope of newly prepared plans and many trade areas will also be canceled.

New plans await approval

Speaking about new plans, IMM and Kadıköy Hüseyin Sağ, a member of the Municipality's CHP member of parliament, said: “200 thousand square meters of commercial space has been significantly reduced. Trains will return to the garage. No shopping mall will be built. State Railways' lodgings, buildings, hangars and trees will be protected. The railway station, which is closed to rail transportation, will be able to return to its glorious days with the new project. Kadıköy An amphitheater can be built, provided that it is built by the municipality. The fight is paying off. The institutions and organizations making the plan have also noticed how wrong the initial plans were and are revising the plan. New plans are available digitally and awaiting approval. After approval, meetings with all the components should be held and their opinions should be taken. ”

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