Harun Karacan Meets with Press Members

Harun Karacan met with members of the press: Ak Party Eskişehir deputy Harun Karacan, Eskişehir about the investments in Eskişehir citizens will not hide anything, everything will be transparent, he said.

In his meeting, Karacan, who clarified the topics about Eskişehir, answered the questions of the press members after his statement. Karacan met with members of the press for the first time alone after 45 days after becoming a deputy. Stating that he had the opportunity to be together with journalists for the first time when he said opening the parliament, reading the government program and temporary budgets and commissions, Karacan said, “I said only one thing in my candidacy for parliamentary process and when I was elected. No subject will be hidden from the people of Eskişehir, everything will be transparent, and there will be no project that Eskişehir does not want. Eskişehir will not be misled in any way. He will be so from my point of view until my next mission ends. ”

Eskişehir to engage in public opinion, two issues discussed in recent days, deputy MP Karacan, "the first taken over by the TCDD landscaping of the region, the second is Eskisehir City, namely Regional Hospital," he said. Following these, Karacan said:
. We did not remain indifferent to the subjects, Eskişehir 'E' letter comes out I'm involved in everything. I made the necessary interviews with the interlocutors. The Ministry of Transport, the counterpart of TCDD, together with the High Planning Council, the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Finance. I want to tell you about the underground railroads. The landscaping of this project is a part of the ongoing project. This is a large project of about 9 million 400 thousand pounds. The General Manager Süleyman Karaman and his deputy in the period when the project was implemented transferred the preliminary protocol to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. At the beginning of 2014, the related departments met with the municipal authorities and agreed on the project. It is a mutually signed project. Karşılık

About the project Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen is informed and the project is signed by the deputy Karacan, said:

Lar At that time, the general director of TCDD, Head of Production Department, visited the Metropolitan and made a presentation about this project. Where should be done on the project, where the tree, where the hub should be, met with the Mayor of the Metropolitan, signed the signature. Now that this issue, while signing and approving, I would like to say that it is strange that when someone is in this situation, someone comes out and makes a statement about this project. Or, he may have changed his mind later, he might have thought it might be more useful to have a boulevard. But the project has reached a certain stage. I have no intention of starting a polemic. I explain it completely for everyone to know in transparency. I believe that both TCDD and Metropolitan Municipality work in good faith when signing this protocol. Bu

Harun Karacan stated that due to general elections in the project, the allowance was over and that the works would continue when the High Planning Council paid off. Çalış The project was unfortunately stopped when 7 June and 1 were locked in the November elections. I met with the Minister of Development in person to revise the allowance. The Minister of Development, Transport and Finance has to sign. These signatures will be discarded, the project will continue as soon as the allowance is released. I would like to express that I will follow this as well Bun.

Deputy Governor Harun Karacan made a statement on the Eskişehir City Hospital and said:
Inde Eskişehir is on the agenda. There are some technical difficulties. Aviation Center stands. There was a problem with the height code. Three ministries in this regard; The Ministry of Transport, National Defense and the Ministry of Health is working. Correspondence has been made about the problem, the problem will be solved. The work will be completed when these issues are resolved. I'm not conscientious about looking for people who are defective in these projects. But then I will focus; these two projects to finish and to enter the service, to remove the obstacles. I'm ready to do the task that thinks about me. Üzer

Deputy MP Harun Karacan stated that they decided to meet once a month as the deputy of the 6 and said, al Previously, Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı hosted. After that Gaye Usluer will do it. Every month we will come together and discuss the problems of Eskişehir. Her

Answering the question of whether there is a new study in the city related programs, Karacan said, bir We will not say the projects we started in Eskişehir. There are problems even in the projects we started. We will not say projects before we start Baş

Harun karacan answered the question about when to start flights from Eskişehir:
Or Transportation is civilization, the governor made a survey about this issue, everyone in Eskişehir wants the plane. Expedition to Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya. The 80 of the respondents want to fly to Atatürk Airport between the 06.00 and 07.30 hours in the morning. E

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