Haluk Pekşen asked Minister Yıldırım about Trabzon

📩 29/11/2018 20:24

Haluk Pekşen asked Minister Yıldırım about Trabzon: CHP Trabzon Mv. Hunting. Haluk Pekşen, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, rained questions about Trabzon.

Haluk Pekşen, the Minister answered Yildirim's statements by answering his oral questions he gave to the Parliament did not find it sufficient. The Grand National Assembly asked the following questions to the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications at the General Assembly.

Honestly, Mr. Minister's statements did not satisfy me at all. I thank the kindness of course, they say aeronautical made me very happy because it gave its twenty years of Turkey's aviation investments, I'll tell them that as a very large labor lawyers in aviation.

Mr. Minister, first of all, if you have the memory, if you remember, is that you have today signed a license of any airline flying in Turkey? Does any airline company that was founded and flew under the term of the Minister remember the name?

Second: Mr. Minister stated that they made very serious aviation investments. I ask again: Mr. Minister, are these investments made from any source of income other than Eurocontrol revenues? Have you had any activities to increase your Eurocontrol revenues? But here I remember sitting in a group vice president at a signing as a former Minister, I thank him on behalf of Turkey, many also remember the process made in this direction. We are in these tasks.

Yes, I would like to thank you for what you said about the regulation amendment regarding the boarding of aircraft. We had only regulations in the world that violated the ICAO rules, and I was very happy to review it, Mr. Minister.

Another one is about my hometown Trabzon. Yes, the capacity of the port was increased, I wish it had not been increased because coal dust came there, people are struggling with cancer right now in Trabzon, this is a separate problem but the main question I asked was, Mr. Minister: From Trabzon Port to Iran during your ministry period, especially after 2006. Why did container or ground freight transport end? Why is there no truck transport?

Why large capacity vessels cannot enter the port? The depth of that port of 10,25 meters; Naturally, ships engaged in international transportation cannot enter that port because of that "draft". Although this is in the knowledge of your Ministry, why hasn't any precaution been taken so far? I would like you to explain this, Mr. Minister.

Another issue is, as a deputy who follows you carefully, I would be glad. Dear Minister: I watched your statement about the Silk Road Railway Project, it was a statement that your party did this project, and I was very surprised. 1996 Turkey Exporters Assembly presented by me at the time of 1997 by Tansu Ciller, Prime Minister of the PABSEC adopted a project. You have had the chance to practice it. You do not ruling period, it will have a chance to finish Turkey. It is a project that I care a lot, in this sense I thank you.

Yes, your statement regarding the Beşikdüzü-İskenderli road also surprised us a bit, Mr. Minister, unfortunately, because your statement in the first tender of this Beşikdüzü road was "We will finish this road in four hundred days." was in the direction. It's been nine years, not four hundred days, and now you add another three years, yes, it's been four hundred days, twelve years. In fact, the answer did not seriously meet the hopes that this road would be completed very seriously.

Mr. Minister, I would like to ask you one more question about your statement: You say to the Erzincan-Trabzon high-speed railway: “This is not logical, it is not smart. It is out of question to make such a road during my ministry. " Erzincan-Trabzon high speed railway project. Mr. Minister, during the election period, especially during the 7 June and 1 November period, your party intensely introduced the Erzincan-Trabzon high-speed railway project in Trabzon and explained it as a state project. I followed it up, I could not see it in any investment plan. You are now Minister again. Do you think of your previous opinion during your ministry or do you think your party promised in the elections?

Minister YILDIRIM promised that he will finish the Beşikdüzü-İskenderli road in 2017 and said I will follow him day by day. From the answers given by the minister to the questions; No work on the railway has actually started now; It is understood that there will be no positive developments for Trabzon Port and Iran transit transportation. There is no investment plan for the Yomra - Özdil road. The Erzincan-Trabzon railway project was a complete election balloon. In short, all of the so-called projects the AKP made up to get votes on Trabzon became garbage.

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