Snow trouble in Hakkari Ski Center

Snow trouble in Hakkari Ski Center: Ski lovers were upset that there was no snow left on the track due to the intense winds in Hakkari Ski Center.

Hakkari Ski Center, which is effective because of the intense wind on the track due to snow ski lovers upset.
Hakkari Ski Center at an altitude of 12 is waiting for snow. Due to the snowfall which was effective a while ago, citizens flocked to the ski resort on weekends, where they experienced the happiness of slipping without ignoring the cold weather. Effective skiing snow in the hills on the peak of the effective wind to stay in the ski resort, many ski lovers upset the program.
Ski lovers who have to go back to the ski resort and have to return to the snow, social networking sites, sharing the photos of the ski resort, "If it is not snow, we will now pray for snow," he made shares.

Hakkari Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of officials, the weekend due to intense type of wind and snow in the upper part of the ski slope, stating that the snow, said they would wait.

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