Green Square will be protected on the City Square-Terminal tram line

Green Square will be protected on the Kent Meydanı-Terminal tram line: Kent Meydanı-Terminal-Demirtaş line tender was made as the second stage of the silkworm tram, contract was signed with the contractor and the construction site was established.

To remove the green areas on the tram route to the Mayor Recep Altepe
When it was reminiscent of being criticized, he said: We protect the trees in the middle of Istanbul Road. Trams will pass through two trees in one row and the trees will remain.

He also stressed: The reason we took the tram from the middle of the road is that traffic will not cross. There is only an intersection in Kent Square and Beşyol on this route, and they are unraveling.

Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ - I



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