Demirdance in the Love of Sports with his Grandpa Toruna at 75 (Photo Gallery)

Demirspor, from Grandfather to Toruna Sports Love, is 75 Years: Sivas Demirspor organized a memorial program on the theme of "Sivas Demirspor" from the past within the scope of the 75th anniversary of its foundation. Sivas Demirspor Club celebrated its 75th anniversary with a magnificent night, where the legendary wrestlers of the century, such as Hamza Yerlikaya and World Champion Taha Akgül, trained in many branches such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Athletics, Boxing and Taekwondo.

Remembrance program held in Atatürk Cultural Center, Sivas Governor Alim Barut, Deputy Mayor of Sivas Ahmet ÖZAYDIN, Youth Sports Services Provincial Director Salim Kılıç, European and World Champion wrestler Taha Akgül, ASKF President Zeki Ekici, Representatives of Sport base units, Former National Athlete Businessman Aydıner Gültekin, Demiryol Business Union Sivas Branch management, Sivas Demirspor Club former members of the board, former athletes and athletes engaged in active sports in different branches participated.

Demirspord in the future will be praised

In his speech, Sivas Governor Alim Barut said, “Being a nation means; To live together in the past is to aim to live together in the future. Some of the elements of being a nation is cultural, sportive and institutionalization in every field. Here, Sivas Demirspor Club has also institutionalized, its own identity, he created the personality, all have served not only to Sivas in Turkey and is one of our distinguished name of the institution was announcing to the whole world. Because he cares about young people, I believe that; In the future, we will talk about Sivas Demirspor with praise. Go to the archives and see how many provinces have been able to raise the Olympic and world champions. Sivas is perhaps one of the provinces that raised the most Olympic, world and European champions. This can only happen through 75 years of institutionalized clubs. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the arrangement of this night. "said.

Demirsporun aim is to raise good people

Tudemsas General Manager and Sivas Demirspor Club President Yildiray Kocarslan said in his opening speech that Sivas Demirspor Club is an important cultural movement in Sivas, besides sports activities, good people and good people who are beneficial to the society. Koçarslan added, m The 1940 has contributed to the culture and sports of our city under the roof of our Sivas Demirspor Club, which was established in 75, and has continued to contribute to it. Sivas Demirspor Club as well as sporting success in the field of installation, as before that we are continuing our project work. Tesis He said.

Koçarslan said, ”Happy to say to me; 75. I am now the President of this well-established and giant sycamore club.
Sivas Demirspor Club continues its activities with the amateur spirit and professional understanding. This meaningful night, coming from outside the province, who thank us on the old champions who have honored us, the current managers, athletes and Demirsporlu fans, who are not among us now offer greetings and respects, "he said.

Director of Youth and Sports Services Salim Kılıç and Zeki Ekici, President of the Federation of Amateur Sports Clubs, said in their speeches that the 75 of the Sivas Demirspor Club is proud of their success and a long history.

Demirspor offers great services to Turkish wrestling

Taha Akgül, our World Champion wrestler who successfully grew up in Sivas Demirspor Club and represented our country successfully in international wrestling champions, said in his speech that Sivas Demirspor Club has served in all branches of amateur including wrestling. Akgül, ine Demirspor Club is now close to 100 wrestler our house by taking the service in the gym and the sports house is leaving again. On behalf of Turkish Wrestling, I see this as a great service. I would like to thank the General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan for his efforts in this regard. "said.

Sivas Governor Alim Barut and Tudemsas General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan presented the world champion Taha Akgul with plaques and flowers for their services to Sivas Demirspor and Turkish wrestling.
Du Sivas Demirspor from Past to Present Yönetici commemoration program Sivas Demirspor club branches, Manager, Technical delegation home Sportsmen ended with the introduction.

Sivas Demirspor anthem at the end of the evening was told by the guests all together.

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