Gokcek, we will make a cable car to Dikmen-Kizilay

📩 24/11/2018 14:33

Gokcek, Dikmen-Kızılay'a ropeway will do: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek, planned to be made on the İmrahor Valley Ankara Strait Project's plan passed the Parliament said.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek, said they will do their best to implement the projects that they have promised before next year.

Gokcek, in his office at a press conference, made explanations about the projects to be implemented.

Gokcek, who explains the projects with photographs, said that their priorities were the completion of Ankara Theme Park work Ankapark.

Gokcek, ed In the 2016 we will do our best to realize the projects we have promised before. (Ankapark) We made a lot of progress, 70 has completed the percentage. So far we have spent around 800 million pounds. I believe that we will start with 3 million visitors, our goal is to find 10 million visitors İnan.

Gokcek said that one of the other projects was ıla Faith and History Museum UM. At the end of the 20 century and the technology at the beginning of 21 century, Gokcek said that the verses that can be realized with the technology of Universal Studios will be told to the public.

Gökçek also touched upon the Ankara Strait Project and stated that the project plan was passed by parliament and that they will start working as of this year, and that there will be houses and plenty of green areas around the workplace and the rear part of the channel to be built.

Gökçek pointed out that serious progress was made in the Ottoman Family Living Center by means of the North Star Mosque and Complex Project and that its objectives are to complete two projects this year.

Ankara Fair and Convention Center, the foundation of this year can be taken notice that Gökçek, the project partners to pay the criticism, although the project will start this year, he said.

Gokcek, one of the biggest problems of the capital is also lacking stat, birinin Eryaman Stadium are doing. We made the tender. 1-1,5 will be a stat of a thousand people in 15 over the years, X he said.

Moving into wholesaler

Stating that the wholesaler will be moved to Golbasi, Gokcek said they will be a wholesaler in the area next to the bus terminal, the plan has been approved, and the tender will be completed within a year and the relocation process will be completed within one year.

Sharing the knowledge that the projects related to urban transformation are also continuing, Gökçek stated that the new Mamak Urban Transformation Project made the tender for 5 bin 200 housing, that they delivered the majority of them and that they aim to deliver their homes to at least 10 thousand people until the elections.

Gokcek, Dikmen Valley 4. and 5. They also made the tender for the Stage Urban Transformation Project, said that they sold most of the land, 3 parcels were left, and they continued to sell.

Within the scope of the Hıdırlık, Atıfbey and İsmetpaşa Urban Transformation Project, Gökçek told that the mansions will be constructed in a way that will not exceed two times.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "South City and social housing construction," reminiscent of the promise promised Gökçek, continued:

Dık We received land from the Ministry of Finance. We will start our social housing project for our low income citizens in the Himmetli region. Approximately 8 will begin a giant construction on a million square meters area. It will add color to our Ankara and ensure that our citizens with low incomes receive very cheap houses. We certainly do not think of snow here, as long as the poor fukara housing owners can be üyor.

New bus terminal will be made by the private sector in the area of ​​100 thousand square meters in Mamak Gokcek, small terminals of the city entrances will be done, he said.

"Our intention is to move the terminal to the tradesman in Ulus after the terminal has been moved," said Gokcek, adding that Ulus Square would be realized within the 3 year.

Gokcek, the government supported by the metro in the future 3 of the year is among the targets of the year, "We hope that this year, the tender ends, the construction of the second year begins," he said.

Dikmen-Kızılay and Lower Entertainment-Sıhhıye cable car line

Ti We will build two ropeways with the build-operate-transfer model model, said Gökçek.

Ği The first one is Dikmen, the Red Crescent cable car. According to studies, the cable car will pass through the Dikmen Valley, but also into Dikmen. This process will be a serious transportation. Secondly, a giant hospital is being built in Aşağı Eğlence. We are planning to build a cable car line to the Sıhhiye area from the area where the hospital is located. Hast

Melih Gökçek emphasized that private administration debts had been transferred to municipalities, and asked for new regulations to be made in the new Municipality Law and to increase revenues and resources.

Gökçek answered questions of journalists about the attack organized by PKK members in the historical Fatihpaşa Mosque in Diyarbakır. Mensup The PKK has never been with mosques, it has always been hostile. These traditions continue. The PKK does not represent the Kurdish people, PKK he said.

Gokcek won the claim with journalist Coskun

Giving the press conference a period of time, Gokcek, who changed his clothes, journalist Ahmet Hakan Coskun, showing the photograph of the cinevision, Coskun 'AK Party, does not take more than 42'dan. Let's bet 'he said.

Gokcek, Coskun, 3 thousand pounds, said he lost the bet for the suit.